DBS Checking

Young Players

Since the change from Criminal Record Bureau (CRB) to Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks, Volleyball England initially managed a manual process for any checks carried out. In a desire to significantly improve services to our members, Volleyball England have now changed the process for completing Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks to an online system.

A DBS check may be needed for certain jobs or voluntary work, e.g. working with children or in healthcare. DBS checking plays a significant role in contributing to the safe and effective recruitment of volunteers. However, it must be stated that DBS checking is only part of an effective recruitment and selection process. It is important that clubs and associations follow the Recruitment, Selection and Retention of Persons with Access to Young People Policy (available from the Policy and Guidance section) prior to employment/deployment and utilise ongoing performance appraisals.

Volleyball England asks for a DBS check for certain roles which meet the Regulated Activity definition. Please see the Use of DBS Policy (Available from the Policy and Guidance section)

How to get a DBS check

To apply for a DBS check please email safeguarding@volleyballengland.org or call 01509 227738. You will then receive a unique link to follow and complete the application at your own discretion.

Request a DBS Check

Please email r.payne@volleyballengland.org or call 01509 227738 to request a unique link to follow and complete your DBS application.