Rules and Regulations

This section has a variety of useful information for you to download that has been especiailly written to assist in your officiating. The Rules of the Game can be found on the FIVB website.


The new Volleyball England International Rule Book was published early this year.
There are two corrections to this edition of the rule book that need to be made, thus:

Chapter Two (page 19) 1.

Rule4.1.1, the second paragraph in italics should be deleted, as now only 12 players are allowed.

Chapter Six (page45) 2.

Rule 19.1.1, the paragraph in italics should be deleted.

Thus:  a team may have a maximum of 12 players, and of those twelve, a team may nominate up to two (2) of them as Liberos. (i.e. none, one, or two).

The existing Libero exchange protocol has not changed, (a completed rally between exchanges), but now either of the Libero players can replace a back-court player, or the off-court Libero can replace the one on court provided the above protocol is observed.

Rule update - Freedom Libero

The rule was introduced by FIVB from 1st January 2010, in new competitions starting after January 1st, and by Volleyball England from September 2011

More Information

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