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Midweek Focus: DARKSTAR Volleyball Club

6th February 2013

Midweek Focus: DARKSTAR Volleyball Club

Club History

DARKSTAR Volleyball Club was established in September 2011 as up until that time there was no outlet for volleyball in Derby. In their first year DARKSTAR entered a men’s and a women’s team into the regional league and advertised training sessions to establish numbers. In the first week 11 people turned up to train in a mixed session; and by Christmas 2011 DARKSTAR were able to facilitate separate men’s and women’s training and had registered over 30 members.

Looking into the future, DARKSTAR’s main goals are to perform strongly in National Volleyball League and after recently adopting TeamGB Paralympian Andrea Green, the club are now looking to create their own Sitting Volleyball outlet called the DARKSTAR Paras.

“DARKSTAR was brought into being to provide all levels of volleyball competition and training for the human inhabitants of this sector of Derby. Those who wish to become DARKSTAR may join the ranks by contacting the relevant controller. But remember, you do not choose DARKSTAR….DARKSTAR chooses you.”‘ The Singularity


DARKSTAR Venus – 12 players
DARKSTAR Mars – 12 players
DARKSTAR TeamDerby– 32 (men and women)
DARKSTAR Mavericks – 40 members
DARKSTAR Grunts – 20 (boys and girls)


  • In their first season the women’s team known as DARKSTAR Venus won the East Midlands Regional League and in their second year they were accepted into the National Volleyball League along with the men’s team known as DARKSTAR Mars.
  • In August 2012, DARKSTAR introduced a recreational sector called DARKSTAR Mavericks, to accompany their team training and to harness the impact of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.
  • Soon after, in September 2012, DARKSTAR branched out further to provide a Junior outlet known as the DARKSTAR Grunts.
  • DARKSTAR has also created DARKSTAR Team Derby through the University of Derby and is taking advantage of the designated HEVO whom has been essential to the project.

Get in touch!

If you’re interested in joining DARKSTAR please contact ‘The Singularity’ who will signpost you to the appropriate training session.

Website: www.darkstarvolleyball.com
Email: thesingularity@darkstarvolleyball.com

Get into volleyball! 

For further information about the National Volleyball League (NVL) please contact the Volleyball England Competitions Team at competitions@volleyballengland.org or 01509 22 77 22.

To find out about local volleyball sessions around the country please visit the Go Spike website www.gospike.net

Midweek Focus: DARKSTAR Volleyball Club