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Sitting Volleyball Head Coaches Announced

3rd May 2013

Sitting Volleyball Head Coaches Announced

A thorough process of review and restructure has taken place over the last couple of months for the sitting volleyball programmes. With the uncertainty over future funding and a number of significant application decisions pending it has taken longer than we would have liked. However, we are now in a position to confirm the Head Coach roles for the new cycle with immediate effect. Ian Legrand will switch to head up the Women’s Programme supported by Karen Hung as Assistant Coach and Ashley Trodden will take up the position of Men’s Head Coach. Other staff roles will be confirmed shortly.

Ian Legrand commented on his new position “I am really looking forward to the challenge of taking the women’s programme forward.  There is a real opportunity both domestically and internationally to develop women’s sitting volleyball and I am committed to driving this change”.

Ashley Trodden said “The men have demonstrated that they are competitive at the highest level and I cannot wait to enhance their match play to the next level”.

The long term aspiration for both programmes remains qualification for the Rio Paralympic Games in 2016. In the medium term the target is preparation for the first qualification event, the 2014 World Championships in Poland. Both head coaches have assessed the current situation and have communicated their competitive focus over this period. The Men’s programme will participate in the forthcoming 2013 European Championships whilst the Women’s team will take a longer-term approach and use the 2013-14 season to build towards the World Championships as their first major competition in the new cycle.

There will be a 6 month review in October to reassess progress of both programmes at which point we anticipate the issue of the ongoing funding for an enhanced training and preparation programme to be resolved. In the mean time there will be training programmes released by the respective head coaches to enable preparations to begin.

There are plans in place to deliver a number of awareness opportunities, through our national partners, to recruit (talent ID) new players to develop the community clubs and a talent pathway. 

Craig Handford, Head of Technical & Excel, commented “these are two high quality sitting volleyball coaches that have enhanced the sport both domestically and on the international stage.  I believe that we can continue to improve and attract new talent to support our climb up the international rankings”. 

Sitting Volleyball Head Coaches Announced