New Beach Volleyball Guidebook Now Available to Buy

9th August 2016

New Beach Volleyball Guidebook Now Available to Buy

Volleyball England is delighted to announce the release of a new coaching and playing book for beach volleyball, titled 'Beach Volleyball: a guidebook to the beach game'.

Written by England beach coach, Denise Austin, the book is a complete guide on how to play and excel on the sand. The guidebook focuses on the shots, rules, tactics and drills that the coach and players need to take their game to the next level.

Full-time beach volleyball coach, Denise Austin said "I am passionate about advancing the beach game and have been writing this guidebook for a while, trying to condense over 30 years' experience of coaching and playing the sport.

“With only two players on the court, the game is very different physically and mentally to the indoor game and the book focuses on all these elements."

Olympic beach volleyball player, Mo Glover, who competed at the Atlanta 1996 Games, said, "I'm encouraged to see Volleyball England embracing the development of a recognised beach coaching qualification and its supporting resource literature, to improve the level of the sport in this country.

“The book does a great job of taking the players and coaches through all the basics before progressing to more advanced techniques and tactics for those performing at the higher end of the game.

“It is a fantastic resource for anyone involved, or wanting to get involved with beach volleyball.” 

Beach Volleyball; a guidebook to the game can be purchased from the Volleyball England shop for £14.99. Click here to grab your copy now.

New Beach Volleyball Guidebook Now Available to Buy