Bronze for Gregory/Sheaf as Grimson/Palmer just miss medals

24th October 2016

Bronze for Gregory/Sheaf as Grimson/Palmer just miss medals

The final day of competition got underway today at the NEVZA UK 2016 Beach Tournament in Bournemouth, with the gold medals up for grabs.

After two action packed days over the weekend, the semi-finals for the women’s teams started the last day with Lahti/Parkkinen (Finland) taking on Thurin, K./Thurin, S  of Sweden and home team  Grimson/Palmer facing Lunde/Ulveseth of Norway.

Top seeded Finnish pair, Lahti/Parkkinen showed their class, beating their Swedish opposition in straight sets (21-18, 21-9) on centre court. Whilst on court 2 the English team of Palmer/Grimson and Norwegian team of Lunde/Ulveseth, put on a thrilling three set match, with Norway rallying in the third to take the win 2-1 (21-18, 8-21, 13-15), setting up an exciting final of Lahti/Parkinen v Lunde/Ulveseth.

In the men’s semi-finals Norwegian top seeds Berntsen/Sørum met Appelgren/Annerstedt of Sweden on court 1. The match ebbed and flowed, finally ending with a run of points from the Norwegians, guaranteeing their spot in the final 2-1 (17-21, 21-12, 15-10).

On centre court, the third seeded pair, England’s Chris Gregory and Jake Sheaf played Nurminen/Piipo of Finland for a spot in the line up. Despite a decent performance from the home pair it was the Finnish due who completing the finals line-up after they took victory in straight sets (16-21, 17-21).  The men’s gold medal match was an exciting prospect of top seeds Berntsen/Sørum of Norway playing fourth seeds Nurminen/Piipo of Finland.

The competition moved on to the bronze medal matches next, with the women’s game between Thurin, K./Thurin, S. (SWE) and Palmer/Grimson (ENGF) proving to be another close run affair. Thurin, K./Thurin, S. crossed the line to take a well-earned third place 2-1 (19-21, 23-21, 15-13).

The men’s bronze medal match between Appelgren/Annerstedt (SWE) and Gregory/Sheaf (ENG) was a clear win for the English team. They were looking to put on a show for the home crowd and they put the pressure on the Swedish pair to win the bronze medals, winning 2-0 (17-21, 13-21).

In the final of the women’s tournament it was the third seeds Norway’s Lunde/Ulveseth who overcame the tournament favourites to go on to win the gold medal. A hard fought match against the top seeded Finnish pair Lahti/Parkkinen saw both sides attack well from the outset. After exchanging sets, it was Lunde/Ulveseth who triumphed, taking the gold medal for Norway 2-1 (19-21, 21-16, 8-15).

Finally, closing a great weekend of competition, the men’s teams of top seeds Berntsen/Sørum (NOR) and fourth seeded Nurminen/Piipo (FIN) played for the title on centre court. The class of the Norwegians was apparent from the start, their attacking performance leading to their straight sets victory (21-16, 21-15), which rounded off a fantastic three days of beach volleyball action in England.

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Bronze for Gregory/Sheaf as Grimson/Palmer just miss medals