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Logo Wars – is your club up for the challenge?

13th April 2017

Logo Wars – is your club up for the challenge?

Are you proud of your club’s logo? Do you think it’s the best around – or does it need a refresh? We’ve seen a few decent club logos in our time (and a few shockers) so we thought we should establish once and for all which ones are the best.

Along the way, we hope to unearth a few inspirational ideas for those clubs who might be thinking of making a change.

So, the request is quite simple: if you think that your club logo would stand up in the fierce heat of battle against the best club logos around, then let us know. Simply send us an email (communications@volleyballengland.org) and a high-res version of your logo and then sit back and wait.

To determine who’s got the best logo, we’re going to shamelessly borrow (steal?) Richard Osman’s “World Cup of…” format and let Volleyball England’s Twitter following do the rest.

For those of you who haven’t seen this before, the co-star of BBC’s Pointless has had great fun getting his Twitter followers to determine, for example, the best crisps and the best Christmas movie.

(Spoilers: pickled onion Monster Munch edged a tight contest over Wotsits while Home Alone saw off a strong challenge from Elf. No, we’re not quite sure how that happened either.)

Depending on how many entrants we get, we’ll sort out a competition format which pits logo against logo until the eventual winner is determined – all via the wonderful medium of Twitter.

Once we get down to the last few, we might even do a bit of digging to find out how those club logos came into existence and how they’re used to help market and promote their clubs.

There is no prize other than prestige and bragging rights. You’ve got to be in it to win it though – so send your entries in to communications@volleyballengland.org and keep your eyes peeled for when the competition begins!

Logo Wars – is your club up for the challenge?