New Forest grabs Logo Wars crown

25th May 2017

New Forest grabs Logo Wars crown

Anyone who follows Volleyball England on Twitter can’t have failed to notice the Logo Wars competition which ran in the days preceding the Super 8s play-off finals weekend.

Hundreds of votes were cast on every day of the six day contest to determine who had the best club logo in the country.

In the final reckoning, New Forest – with its menacing looking stag, piercing a volleyball with its antlers - secured 58% of the near-500 votes cast in the final to emerge victorious over Weymouth, whose design incorporates a seagull, a volleyball and the Weymouth skyline.

Newmarket and Balham were the two who fell at the final hurdle, exiting the 16 team competition at the semi-final stage. The defeated logos from earlier in the competition included a seahawk, a bull, a viper, a knight, a Spartan and a mouse (from Cheddar, of course).

For all the good-natured #logowars Twitter banter about the stag who defeated the seagull and how they saw off a jockey and a bear, there was a serious point to the competition; highlighting the value of a strong logo and brand, even within the world of amateur sport.

We got in touch with several of the clubs who entered Logo Wars, every one of whom was – unsurprisingly – passionate about the importance of branding.

James Kemp, of competition winners New Forest, cut straight to the chase: “Our logo is our brand and so it's very important to us. We'd like to think that our logo is instantly synonymous with New Forest Volleyball - particularly within the volleyball community. The stag features on all our club apparel, website and marketing materials. What we were keen to do was to ensure not only do we have a fantastic logo but have a professional looking brand. I believe that a poorly produced logo screams 'amateur' and potential new members or sponsors may overlook your club.”

Graeme Sawyer, chairman at Weymouth, was delighted with the exposure that the competition gave to his club, saying: “It has definitely raised the profile of the club and as a result we have gained many new Twitter followers. It was a good morale boosting club activity and it was great to see other Weymouth organisations – such as the football club, cricket club, local radio and newspaper – getting involved and showing their support.”

We also asked the clubs for their advice on how to make the most of their brand and how to go about creating a new logo. We’ll publish their advice points in a separate piece shortly.


New Forest grabs Logo Wars crown