Volleyball England awarded £1.3m

30th June 2017

Volleyball England awarded £1.3m

Volleyball England (VE) has today been awarded £1.3m by Sport England to support its core programmes until March 2019.

This funding will see VE’s activities being supported for the first half of the 2017-2021 funding cycle. It includes the £420,000 of interim funding which had already been given to the organisation by Sport England in April of this year.

In line with Sport England’s stated ambition to see the relationship between VE and its core market strengthened, VE is now committed to deploying this money across five critical programmes; Insight, Culture, Competitions, Futures and Environment.

In addition, the organisation has committed to overhauling its governance structures, including the appointment of an independent chair and directors to the VE Board. These changes will need to be ratified at the VE Annual General Meeting on July 29 in order for the Sport England funding to be accessed.

If, by March 2019, VE can demonstrate that progress is being made on its five programmes, there is the potential for future Sport England funding to be made available to support these programmes through until 2021. Sport England has also stated its intention to work in partnership with VE to assist with developing its commercial strategy.

Commenting on the award, Janet Inman, interim Chief Executive Officer at VE, said: “I am hugely encouraged that Sport England has seen fit to support our core programmes to this extent over the next year and a half. We already know where we need to invest that money but we now need to start bringing together staff and stakeholders to finalise our plans for delivering in those areas over the coming years. We’ll need those plans in place by September of this year so we have to move quickly.”

“With the potential for future funding in 2019, Sport England has also provided a substantial incentive for us to make sure that our programmes deliver what they should. As a governing body, we now need to prove that we deserve that further investment. The hard work starts here!”

This latest funding will be used to support activity in five core areas:

-        Volleyball Insight; developing a customer relationship management system to allow VE to collect and collate the data it needs to better understand its membership.

-        Volleyball Culture; supporting clubs in their recruitment and retention efforts, addressing the issues behind why people stop playing (or feel prevented from playing) volleyball.

-        Volleyball Competitions; ensuring that the current junior and senior competition calendars meet the needs of clubs and players.

-        Volleyball Futures; reviewing the talent pathways and ensuring that they are appropriately integrated and supported.

-        Volleyball Environments; learning from the highly successful HEVO programme to consider the other playing environments within which volleyball could be played.

As ever, anyone wanting to get involved with Volleyball England’s new priority action areas should get in touch at iwanttohelp@volleyballengland.org.

Volleyball England awarded £1.3m