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Volleyball England makes key reforms

26th September 2017

Volleyball England makes key reforms

Key documents that underpin how Volleyball England (VE) operates have been reformed, as the governing body continues to deliver a new way of working. 

As Janet Inman, chief executive of VE, explains: "Volleyball England is now working to ensure we meet the new standards of governance set out by Sport England and UK Sport. To achieve the standard we have had to change the way we work, and our governance and business structure, which has required a change to our Articles of Association and our Framework.

"The Articles of Association is the document that determines the legal standing, governance structure and format of the organisation and the Framework document helps to define roles and responsibilities within our governance and sets out VE’s operational policies. The Framework builds upon the Articles by providing further, more operational and administrative information. The Framework can be changed when required to suit the needs of the business. The Articles can only be changed by a vote at the AGM or at an EGM, and requires the votes of the members."

Both have been updated and are now available to view in the governance section of the VE website. It has also been confirmed that next year's AGM will take place on 21 July, 2018. 

The changes are a key part of VE’s commitment to governance reforms which were agreed at the AGM in July. As part of the Government’s drive to make National Governing Bodies more independent and diverse, Volleyball England’s membership voted to ratify changes to how VE operates which meant, crucially, that volleyball’s governing body would retain Sport England funding.

Volleyball England makes key reforms