New beach tour reaches fitting finale

29th September 2017

New beach tour reaches fitting finale

A thrilling finals weekend and season’s awards evening rounded off the Volleyball England Beach Tour (VEBT) 2017 and proved the competition can thrive in its new format.

This year saw a huge increase in players and over five times the number of tour events, which were hosted by independent organisers while VE remaining as the tour’s governing body.

Over 40 events formed part of the VEBT 2017 and while in seasons gone by the tour was only open to the top 24 players, this year saw entry open to everyone and over 1000 players compete.

Each competition was ranked from 1-5 stars and VEBT ranking points on offer at every event. The VEBT ranking points determined the winner of the Champions Race, the individual honours for the best male and female players on the tour this year. Ranking points gained on the VEBT also counted towards the overall beach volleyball National Rankings.

The season’s show piece was the VEBT 2017 Finals with a Championship for the top ranked teams and a Plate competitions for the lower ranked teams, with qualification based on teams’ positions in the National Rankings.

Hosted at Canford Cliffs in Dorset, the Men’s Championship title was won by Aldo Rendon Peiro and Peter Dyakiewicz, while the Women’s Championships saw England’s top ranked beach pair and Commonwealth Games hopefuls, Jess Grimson and Vicky Palmer take the glory.

In the Plate competition, Ben Turner and Aleks Borisov took the title with a 2-1 sets victory in the final. Aspasia Karyofylli and Patti Baliou were champions in the Women’s Plate competition.

On the same weekend as the finals, in a glamourous evening at Royal Bath Hotel in Bournemouth, the VEBT season’s awards were presented. The winners were:

Champions Race Winner:

Male: Aldo Rendon Peiro              Female: Agnieszka Adamek

Most Valuable Player:

Male: Issa Batrane           Female: Agnieszka Adamek

Most Improved:

Male: Craig Bishop           Female: Adriana Gomes

Best Team:

Male: Javier Bello and Joaquin Bello         Female: Sandra Rogat and Cecile Billet

Best Blocker:

Male: Nathan Fullerton                 Female: Luana Herman

Best Attacker:

Male: Peter Dyakiewicz                 Female: Agnieszka Adamek

Best Defender:

Male: Aldo Rendon Peiro              Female: Agnieszka Adamek

Best Setter:

Male: Mark Garcia-Kidd                 Female: Katja Gless

Bester Server:

Male: Phil Rosenberg                     Female: Cecile Billet

One half of England’s number one beach volleyball male pair, Jake Sheaf is the beach volleyball working group lead for Volleyball England, as well as running Deep Dish which hosted some of the tour events, including the finals. He was pleased with how the new format went down with beach volleyballers.  

“There were over 40 events this year and it was great to see over 1000 players on the beach playing volleyball as part of the tour,” says Jake. “It was a lot more inclusive this year. Instead of just the best players, the new format meant the tour could help those starting in the game and help them climb the rankings. Having a Plate Final, as well as the Championship Final, also meant those ranking points really counted for something. It encouraged all players as it gave them a chance to play in a competitive finals competition.”

Jake is determined to keep improving the competition and help grow the sport overall.

“I’m the lead of a VE sub group and I will be working with a group of people this winter to develop the VEBT,” says Jake. “There were a few hiccups this year and we want to work on the rules, regulations, and points system to make it easier for the players to understand and enjoy. We want to put beach volleyball into the limelight.”


New beach tour reaches fitting finale