10 roles all volleyball parents play

6th October 2017

10 roles all volleyball parents play

This week is Parents in Sport Week which celebrates and highlights the valuable role parents play in children’s enjoyment of sport. The week is organised by the Children Protection in Sport Unit of the NSPCC. So we thought we’d take a light-hearted look at all the crucial jobs parents do…

1.       Taxi driver
You can’t make any plans for training nights, while your car smells of sweaty kit and discarded water bottles can be found rattling around in the footwell. Unlike a normal taxi driver, your passenger’s priority is not getting home. You have to wait as your child practices one last set or spike – it’s a shame you haven’t got a meter running!

2.       Kit washer
Training and match kit must always be ready when needed. If you’re lucky, all your kid’s gear may find its way into the washing basket. More than likely though, you’ll have to get it from the bottom of a smelly kit bag first!

3.       Coach
Every parent has some words of wisdom to give at some point. From a motivational pep talk before a match, to tips on performance, you do your best to help your child improve, before leaving the expertise to the club coaches.

4.       Physio
From cuts and bruises, to sprained ankles and sometimes even worse, parents need to be equipped to deal with all manner of injuries. Even so, you probably still don’t know when you should be using heat spray or freeze spray. However, you become an expert in giving a diagnosis. “It will be better in a couple of days” to the one the patient never wants to hear: “I don’t think you should play this weekend.” 

5.       Playing partner
If you’re needed to make the numbers up then you haven’t got a choice – you’re playing. At some point, it’s likely that your children are more skilled and athletic than you are, which you’re proud to see and there is more good news; it means you can now try your hardest and show off when you win a point!  

6.       Pick me up
Sport can give some important life lessons that things don’t always go how you want them to. Children learn to accept defeat and realise that everyone makes mistakes. Sports build character as children respond to positively to adversity. Sometimes though, mum and dad are needed for the extra support to learn these lessons. A positive word when a child is struggling with self-belief does wonders for kids to get back to enjoying their sport.

7.       Number one fan
Cheering on your child can be a mixture of emotions. There’s pride but also nerves too as you want them to do well, simply because you always want the best for them. Often though, when the children become adults it’s not the winning or losing they remember, more that you were there to support. Just don’t be the super fan that does anything to embarrass them!

8.       Photographer
There is guaranteed to be a picture or video of your child playing volleyball on your phone! We bet you’re going to have a look at them now we’ve reminded you about them.

9.       Bank
From new kit and registration fees, to travel expenses and fuel bills, mum and dad pick up the bill for their children’s sporting journey. You didn’t check the small print either – there are always hidden charges; A sports drink here and a new training top there!

10.   Proud parent
You play every role the very best you can, even the ones you weren’t trained or equipped for, because more than anything, you’re proud and happy to see your child doing something they love. The children might never actually say "Thank You" but it’s in that smile you see every time they go on court.

10 roles all volleyball parents play