Curtain falls on brilliant NEVZA Under 19 Championships

29th October 2017

Curtain falls on brilliant NEVZA Under 19 Championships

Sunday saw the climax of a brilliant three days of volleyball as the National Volleyball Centre (NVC) hosted the NEVZA Under 19 Championships. 

Teams came from Denmark, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Norway and Sweden to compete and superb peformances from the England teams capped an excellent tournament. 

Sweden took gold in the men's tournament, while Denmark took the women's title. Both finals were classics as the winning teams recovered from two sets down to take the glory.

England meanwhile achieved a brilliant bronze in the men's draw, while the women fell agonisingly short of a medal as they put on a superb performance. 

This year was the second consecutive year the NVC has hosted made a great success of hosting the NEVZA Under 19 championships. An army of volunteers gave up their time to help and without them it wouldn't have been such an excellent event. 

Full results: 

Men's draw: 

Gold - Sweden
Silver - Denmark
Bronze - England
4th - Norway
5th - Faroe Islands
6th - Iceland

Boys Super 7   Best Outside Spiker:(9)  - SWEDEN - Daniel Gruvaeus   2nd Best Outside Spiker:(10) Captain - DENMARK - Tobias Hougs Kjær   Best Middle Blocker:(11)  - SWEDEN - Anton Ribom   2nd Best Middle Blocker:(1)  - ENGLAND - Joe Palombo   Best Opposite:(10)  - SWEDEN - Max Petersson   Best Setter:(5) Captain - SWEDEN - Oskar Von Sydow MVP  Best Libero:(4) Libero - SWEDEN - Joel Andersson


Women's draw: 

Gold - Denmark
Silver - Sweden
Bronze - Norway
4th - England
5th - Iceland
6th - Faroe Islands

Girls Super 7   Best Outside Spiker:(10) Captain - DENMARK - Astrid Elisabeth Mellmølle   2nd Best Outside Spiker:(10)  - SWEDEN - Hanna Hellvig   Best Middle Blocker:(11)  - DENMARK - Sophia Helena Andersen MVP   2nd Best Middle Blocker:(19)  - SWEDEN - Tilde Thune   Best Opposite:(12) Captain - NORWAY - Renate Bjerland   Best Setter:(9) Captain - SWEDEN - Vilma Andersson   Best Libero:(8) Libero - SWEDEN - Fanny Åhman



Curtain falls on brilliant NEVZA Under 19 Championships