10 reasons why volleyball is the best sport ever!

9th November 2017

10 reasons why volleyball is the best sport ever!

We all know that volleyball is the best sport ever! Be sure to share your reason why with us after you've read reason number 10....

1.       Everyone can play

It doesn’t matter who you are or your level of ability, anyone can play volleyball. With indoor, Sitting Volleyball and Beach Volleyball, there are different formats of the game to suit everyone. If you’re playing for fun, all you need is a ball and a makeshift net – then let the game begin! 

2.       It’s fast paced

The ball whizzes across the net and pings around frenetically. Points are scored quickly meaning every moment of the game is full of action. Players have good reactions, power and skill! 

3.       It’s all about team work

There are not many sports where teams work so closely together – there is a great buzz in that! Watching players working together to keep the ball alive and kill it on their opponent’s side is breath-taking just to watch. Players use their specialist talents to help the team.  

4.       Amazing athleticism

When you’re on court, all you’re focused on is the getting the ball back over the net. From last-ditch dives, ferocious hits, dummy jumps, precise passing and leaping at the net, volleyballers give everything they have to ensure the ball doesn’t hit their side of the court. There’s nothing better than winning an epic rally after retrieving an almost impossible ball! 

5.       You can play anywhere

On the beach, grass, indoor and even on the snow! The sport of snow volleyball is growing and supported by European Volleyball Federation (CEV) and International Volleyball Federation (FIVB). Check it out online! Proof that you can play the brilliant game just about anywhere.

6.       It’s a social sport

You don’t have to play the game to be part of the volleyball community. From coaches, players, referees and volunteers, there are so many people that get enjoyment from the sport. Being part of a club and the wider volleyball community is special - many people meet some of their best friends through the game. 

7.       It’s a great way to stay fit

Playing a sport you love is a great way to keep healthy. It makes staying in shape fun! Being high intensity, volleyball is a good workout and burns lots of calories. 

8.       There’s plenty of competition

Volleyball satisfies those with a thirst for competing. Whether it’s Volleyball, Beach Volleyball or Sitting Volleyball that you love. From the Sitting Prix, Beach Tour and National Volleyball League, to regional leagues and local fun tournaments, there are great competitions for everyone. 

9.       Respect is a big part of the game

The sport has traditions and rules which are centred around showing respect for everyone involved with the game. Teams will compete fiercely but sportsmanship is at the heart of volleyball. 

10.   There’s more than 10 reasons…

…that volleyball is the best sport ever! We want to know your reasons! Record a video of yourself completing this sentence: I love volleyball because……Tweet us your video: @VballEngland or email it to m.hallam@volleyballengland.org 

10 reasons why volleyball is the best sport ever!