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Give volleyball a voice!

30th November 2017

Give volleyball a voice!

There are just two weeks left to make sure volleyball features in a study into the state of sports clubs across the country. 

The Sports Club Survey 2017 is a big piece of research which looks to assess the health of sports and recreation clubs across the country. The results will reveal the challenge clubs face and help inform leading bodies, such as Sport England, in their decision making. 

If you’re part of a volleyball club, make sure that our sport is heard! Fill out the survey online: https://www.snapsurveys.com/wh/s.asp?k=150961428710

Everyone who completes the form will enter a draw to win an iPad or shopping vouchers. If enough members of the volleyball community complete the survey, statistics specific to volleyball will be published.

Share the survey and encourage other volleyball clubs to complete it too, before the deadline: Friday, December 15, 2017.

Give volleyball a voice!