Meeting the Sports Governance Code

22nd December 2017

Meeting the Sports Governance Code

Over the last 12 months, Volleyball England, and all other organisations seeking public funding for sport, have been going through a period of review and improvement as we must all meet the new gold standards of governance considered to be among the most advanced in the world, to ensure we are fit for purpose to receive public funding.

A new Code for Sports Governance sets out the levels of transparency, accountability and financial integrity that will be required from those who ask for Government and National Lottery funding.

The Code contains important changes to the governance of sport, including:

• Greater transparency, enabling participants and fans to better understand the decision-making of those leading their sports

• Reforms to board memberships, including at least 25% independent members

• Commitments to greater diversity, including at least 30% of each gender on boards

• Establishing boards as the ultimate decision-making authority within a sport 

• Tighter term limits for boards to ensure a regular renewal of ideas and expertise

Following an initial review, Volleyball England, along with two other Governing Bodies, have not yet been assessed as fully compliant with the Code. 

Adam Walker, Volleyball England Chair, commented: “This comes as no surprise to the new Board and the Senior Management Team as we are still working to deliver some of the financial elements of the new code. Although we are not currently compliant, we have been given a three-month period in which to make the necessary changes to governance and finance arrangements to remedy this. Sport England continue to support us to ensure we will be compliant by the end of March 2018.”

Governing bodies will have to remain compliant with the Code and will now be expected to put action plans and commitments into practice, particularly those in relation to diversity. UK Sport and Sport England will continue to work closely together to support and monitor this progress in the months and years ahead, especially with regards to qualitative and behavioral changes.

Meeting the Sports Governance Code