Taking the Level 1 Coaching Award - 6 FAQs

20th February 2018

Taking the Level 1 Coaching Award - 6 FAQs

The Volleyball England Level 1 Introduction to Coaching Volleyball Award is the first step on your coaching journey. The qualification is the initial course for anyone wanting to get into coaching volleyball. The course has been relaunched to include more of the stuff that you asked for, as we recently reported.

So, if you’re interested in taking the Level 1 qualification, here we answer six frequently asked questions about the course…

What is the Volleyball England Level 1 Coaching Award?

The new Level 1 Coaching Award was launched on February 1, 2018. The format of the course has been revamped from the previous award following feedback from the Volleyball England membership. The award is the entry-level coaching course and equips you with the knowledge of how to coach six versus six volleyball and means you’re qualified to become an assistant coach of a volleyball club.

It teaches a game-based philosophy which develops your players’ skills through training sessions which replicate match situations – not endless drills of skills that bear no resemblance to how they would be used in a game. To see how the course has changed to better suit the needs of the volleyball community, check out our feature: the 10 biggest improvements to the level one coaching award.

I want to do the Level 1 Coaching Award, what do I need to do?

The first step is to visit the ‘find your nearest course’ section of the Volleyball England website. Here you’ll find a list of all the courses – not just the coaching ones – which are currently running. If there is a course which suits what you’re looking for, you can book online. Once you’ve booked, you will receive an email confirming your place and before the course starts you will receive a further email outlining any work you need to do in preparation for starting the course.

If there is not a suitable course in your area, then please contact your regional association. They will keep a record of people who are interested in taking a qualification and look to organise courses, if there is sufficient demand. If you can’t find a suitable course be sure to let your association know – there might be many other people in your region wanting to do the same qualification!  

I completed the previous Level 1 Coaching Award, am I still qualified?

Yes – everyone who passed the previous Level 1 Award is still qualified and can progress on to the Level 2 course.

If you’re already qualified but would like to take the new Level 1 Award to make the most of the course’s new format, then you’re more than welcome to attend a course.

How much of a time commitment is the Level 1 Award?

The Level 1 Coaching Award is a two-day course. Each day lasts about eight hours, including a break for lunch, and there is a minimum of two weeks between the two days. You will be required to do some on-line activities in advance of starting the qualification. You will also complete some work and reading in your Learner Activity Pack, which you will receive on course, during the break between day one and day two on course.  

The work is designed to help you make the most of each day of the course. This will take a few hours but you should have plenty of time in the build-up to your course and during the break between day one and two, to finish everything you need.

How much does the Level 1 Award cost?

The cost of the course is £150 per person. This needs to be paid when you book your course on the Volleyball England website.

My club is interested in organising a course, where do I start?

All clubs and organisations are encouraged to run courses – it is a brilliant way to build the skills of your members. If you haven’t got enough people to attend, then why not link up with another club or open up the course to anyone who wants to attend by advertising it on the Volleyball England website?

The ‘how to organise a course’ page on the website, gives a step-by-step-guide to running your own course. As the guide explains, you will need to fill out a booking form for the type of course you want to run. You will need to find a suitable venue to host your course and the relevant forms outlines what you will need in terms of facilities and equipment.

Once you have completed your form, you need to send it to the Volleyball England HUB, who will contact you to discuss organising a course tutor to deliver the course and all the resources you will need.

Taking the Level 1 Coaching Award - 6 FAQs