Funding Support Guide Launched

21st February 2018

Funding Support Guide Launched

Looking for funding for a volleyball club or project? Then you need to get your hands on the Volleyball England Funding Support Guide – which has launched today.

Making a bid for grant funding can seem a bit daunting but the Guide helps every step of the way, from finding the right organisation to apply to for funding and writing a brilliant bid, to generating money through fundraising.

The Guide is free to download and comes with two useful resources to help organise your grant application: a funding flowchart, which maps out each stage of applying for a grant, and a project delivery plan, which will help you plan your bid.

The Guide has been produced by Volleyball England HUB staff member Vicki Carr who offers funding support, as part of her role as a Project Delivery Team Officer.  

“We’re delighted to be able to release the Funding Support Guide,” says Vicki. “There are many volleyball clubs and projects out there which could be boosted with funding. In the Guide, we share the HUB’s knowledge of different funding processes to hopefully help more of the volleyball community be successful in their bid for funding.”

As the Guide explains, there are a variety of funding pots available for sports across the country, with grants awarded ranging from a few hundred pounds to £10,000. While the downloadable Guide navigates you through the process of applying for funding, members can also get help from the HUB.

“No matter which organisation you’re applying to, the HUB offers a Feedback Service,” says Vicki. “Once you have written your bid – before officially submitting it – you can email it to us and we can check it and give feedback that may increase your chances of being successful. All you have to do is email your bid to – there is no charge for the service.”

With a background in funding applications, Vicki is well-placed to help members and says the key to a good bid is to explain how the money would make a difference.

“Funders will want to know that their grants can have a positive impact on the community. A well-written application will explain why you need the money and how it will help your club or project improve people’s volleyball experience.”

Visit the Club Funding page to download the Funding Support Guide and supporting resources. If you have any other questions relating to funding, email

Funding Support Guide Launched