New schedule for the National Cup Finals

14th March 2018

New schedule for the National Cup Finals

A new schedule for National Cup Finals weekend will be trialled following feedback from Volleyball England membership.

For the Cup Finals on April 14 and 15, the venue will be a two-court set-up rather than a single court as in previous years, allowing some finals to be played in parallel and other finalists access to a warm-up court.

The Volleyball England Board decided to implement the new format following research done by the Competitions Working Group. The group spoke to players, spectators, officials, coaches and volunteers and recommended a series of changes to a new and improved Cup Finals event.

“The feedback was that the Cup Finals days are too long, matches usually start late, and spectators must watch a long warm-up before matches,” explained James Murphy, the Competitions Working Group Lead. “So we’ve listened to people’s concerns and this year a new format will be trialled with the aim of making it a more enjoyable experience for everyone.”

The new format will see Saturday start with the men’s and women’s Shield Finals played simultaneously, followed by the showpiece of the men’s and women’s National Cup Finals which will be played on one court, giving teams access to a warm-up court. On the Sunday, the Under 16 and Under 18 finals will be played in parallel over the two courts. The scheduled timetable for the weekend is: 

Saturday                           Start      

Women’s/Men’s Shield        10:30      

Women’s Cup                     13:00                    

Men’s Cup                          15:30     

Sunday                              Start

U16 Boys / Girls                 10:30

U18 Boys / Girls                 14:00

Volleyball England have worked with the National Volleyball Centre to ensure the new format will not have any significant impact on the total seating capacity. A bumper crowd and electric atmosphere is expected again this year, so make sure you’re there by buying your tickets now.

“The new format will provide much greater reliability in the published start times and much shorter days for all involved,” says Freda Bussey, Volleyball England’s Competitions and Events Director. “We recognise that change can be unsettling and some parts of the new schedule may not work and/or address all the issues, or could even create new ones.”

Feedback from the volleyball community is always welcome and planning for next year’s National Cup Finals are already underway. If you have any comments, please email 

If you would like to get involved in helping run Volleyball England events, the Competitions Working Group, is always looking for more support. Most of the group are volunteers and would welcome any new recruits to their group.

“The Competitions Working Group is always looking for volunteers so if you are interested please get in touch,” says James, the group’s Lead. “There all sorts of roles available with varying degrees of time commitment ranging from a few hours a week over the season, such as a divisional lead; to specific projects requiring a few hours, such as planning the next season Cup Finals or how Volleyball England can better support our core market; to one-off volunteering opportunities lasting only a few hours on a single day, such e.g. setting up or de-rigging after a big event.

“As a volunteer you would work with a mentor and be paid expenses in line with the VE expenses policy.”

If you want to get involved, please email

New schedule for the National Cup Finals