Steve Jones in World ParaVolley appointment

23rd March 2018

Steve Jones in World ParaVolley appointment

Former Great Britain women’s sitting volleyball coach and long-time Volleyball England tutor, Steve Jones has been appointed as the Chair of the Coaches Commission for World ParaVolley (WPV).

Steve leads a commission which will help WPV – the federation for all forms of volleyball for players with a physical impairment – develop coaching practices, standards and pathways.

“I’m very pleased to be appointed and looking forward to it,” says Steve. “I’ve been busy in the background and now it has been officially confirmed.”

Volleyball England’s CEO Janet Inman has expressed her delight at Steve landing the position.

“We’re really pleased to see Steve become WPV’s Chair of the Coaches Commission,” says Janet. “He has so much experience that he will be able to draw upon and drive positive change for other coaches. We congratulate him and I am sure he will do a fantastic job.”

With a wealth of experience in volleyball and sitting volleyball Steve has a lot of expertise to bring to the role. A former Volleyball England staff member, he implemented the running of level one and two coaching courses and has mentored many people on their coaching journey as a tutor. He’s also an active and successful coach, having lead volleyball clubs to national finals and notably, was Great Britain’s women’s sitting volleyball coach at the London 2012 Olympics.

Steve is keen to get started in the role and begin making improvements for coaches.

“There is a lot of work to do,” says Steve. “The majority of the work is around coach and tutor development. The coaching system is not there at the moment, there are pocket of good practice, but we want to get a whole system in place.”

“The website is not very well developed. We want to get more stuff on there about coach development, such as announcing coaching courses and other projects, such as using video analysis techniques in coaching. We want to website to be a really useful resource for coaches.”

While Steve will look to create new opportunities for coaches, he plans to keep tutoring.

“I hope to keep doing stuff on the practical side as delivering courses and supporting people is something I do a lot of. It’s the best part of the job – working face-to-face with coaches.”

Steve has been appointed to the role as Chair of the Coaches Commission for a four-year term and has his sights on making a real difference.

“At the end of the four years, if we can have all three coaching levels up and running, a clear system for coach progression and a website that is a working document for coaching development then I will have achieved what I am really aiming for.”

Steve Jones in World ParaVolley appointment