Team Northumbria are women's cup champions

14th April 2018

Team Northumbria are women's cup champions

Team Northumbria retained the Women's National Cup with victory over North East rivals Team Durham. 

The Super 8s table toppers Northumbria came into the match as favourites but it was Durham got off to the best start. 

Lead by coach Claire Felix, Durham matched Northumbria in every department and notched the first set 26-24. 

Being a set down seemed to bring the best out in Northumbria and then found a new level in the second set. Yulia Tokarenko was really starting to rain in some powerful spikes. Northumbria levelled the match 25-18. 

After that Northumbria never looked back and kept up their high intensity. They took control of the third set and took the lead in the match by winning it 25-20. 

In the fourth set, Durham had to start throwing caution to the wind and going for lots of shots. It wasn't enough to halt Northumbria though who were exceptional. Tokarenko was formidable in the last set and Northumbria ensured their name was on the trophy by winning it 25-20. 

Coach David Goodchild was delighted that his side had brought their A-game to the big stage. He said: "That was some of the best stuff we have played all year." 

There was no surprise when Yulia Tokarenko was named the MVP, as she stood out in what was a brilliant team performance. Goodchild was delighted with his number 8. He said: "Yulia was brilliant, particularly in that last set." 

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Team Northumbria are women's cup champions