Tameside win Girls U16 title

15th April 2018

Tameside win Girls U16 title

Tameside won the first trophy on the Sunday of the National Cup Finals weekend, winning the U16 Girls national title. They defeated Richmond V.C. in straight sets. 

The girls from the North West came out of the block quickly taking a 5-1 lead, after a run of powerful serves from Remi Knight. 

Maria Forson was also in fine hitting form for Tameside as they powered in front to lead 14-6. As well as her scoring, Forson produced a superb diving save that earned Tameside a point and cemented their control. 

Richmond were battling hard and Aurelia Braguglia's power spiking was a weapon but Richmond couldn't give her as many opportunities as they would have liked. 

Knight and Forson continued to score and the first set was sealed 25-15. 

Richmond found their feet more in the second set coming from behind the middle of the set with excellent serves from Daniela Korcheva and Braguglia was a constant threat. Tameside setter Leah Garvey continued to give Forson and Knight opportunities and they continued to score. Richmond were in it at the business end of the set, but Tameside held their nerve after a missed set point to take the second through another accurate Forson strike. 

The match was played in a jubilant atmosphere with both sets of supporters bringing drums and horns to create a buzzing atmosphere. Tameside eyed the title and got ahead 21-15 at a time out. They never let up and it was left to Remi Knight to make the winning spike to take the set 25-15 and sees the title head north. 

After a standout performance, Maria Forson was deservedly awarded MVP for the match.

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Tameside win Girls U16 title