We're listening: your perception of Volleyball England

21st May 2018

We're listening: your perception of Volleyball England

It has always been the goal of Volleyball England to provide the products and services its members want and need. 

Connecting and engaging with the core market is a top priority. Even though making tough decisions inevitably means not everyone will be happy, the national governing body has always sought the views and assistance of the membership through working groups, consultations and reviews. 

Much of the last 18 months has been spent getting to grips with a new financial reality but now better serving its members can come into sharp focus for the national governing body.

On Friday, a survey will be sent to each affiliated club to find out what they think of Volleyball England and how it can improve what it offers. 

Ahead of the launch, Core Market Officer at Volleyball England’s HUB Sam Jamieson explains why the survey is being launched and how your views will shape the future of what it provides – Volleyball England is listening….

I previously wrote of Volleyball England’s need to listen closely to the core market – that is anyone involved in organised, competitive volleyball.

Finding out what our members want and need is key to establishing how the national governing body’s resources, whether that is money, volunteer time or HUB support, can be most effectively utilised to improve the whole volleyball community’s experience of the sport. As an organisation, we’re increasingly engaging with our members in decision making and want to integrate that philosophy into everything we do.

Taking a new approach led by our Insight and Research Director, Seyram Atubra from whom you heard last week, we want to get to the heart of the matter and be led by you in how we shape our club support service going forwards. 

That’s why a survey is being launched which will ask all affiliated clubs what they think of the national governing body. I understand that some of you will feel you’ve completed a lot of questionnaires in recent times but this survey is much more concise and can be easily completed in a matter of minutes. Rather than an audit of volleyball activity, it is designed to gather your perceptions of Volleyball England and some of the services currently on offer. Giving every club the chance to be heard, the survey will be sent to club secretaries this Friday.

A large section of our core market is represented by Volleyball England’s affiliated clubs hence the reason that the member satisfaction survey 2018 is aimed at club secretaries/representatives. Hearing the views of clubs on the service they receive from VE and the level of satisfaction is important to us. Arguably even more important is getting your suggestions on how we can improve this service.

While serving a nation can be a difficult task and inevitably there is no one answer that will satisfy everyone, Volleyball England is committed to continual improvement. This includes improving the processes by which we gather information and reach decisions. 

The information gathered via the survey will be used to help shape future services and will aim to improve membership satisfaction. The aim is to be in a position this time next year where we can say ‘You said; we did’ and show you tangible progress against the most prominent areas drawn from the survey. The survey has real potential to see the membership work better together, so I hope clubs take the opportunity to have their say.

The survey will be with club secretaries this week. We will make an early analysis and communicate this to you. By the time we get to the Volleyball England AGM on July 21st , 2018 we’d like to have a full analysis of the results and the beginning of an action plan in place to take forwards into the new season.

I anticipate that the suggestions and recommendations you make will take time to implement and ask in advance for your patience as we bring these to life.  There will of course be opportunity to support these developments via the Pool of Experts so sign up now if you have not already!

I look forward to reading your responses in due course.  Thank you as always for your continued passion and support for Volleyball in all its forms.

Sam Jamieson, Core Market Officer

We're listening: your perception of Volleyball England