Partners wanted to host the National Cup Finals

13th June 2018

Partners wanted to host the National Cup Finals

The cup finals of the 2018/19 volleyball season will have a fresh look as bids will be welcomed to hosts the events. 

The decision to work with partners to host the finals follows a review of the National Cup Finals by the Competitions Working Group. 

“Working with partners to host the finals is an innovative step,” says the Competition Working Group Lead, James Murphy. “It gives the opportunity to inject fresh impetus into the finals as different partners will have different strengths in how they can showcase the biggest events in the volleyball calendar. It is an ideal way to maximise our budget to host these events, which has been significantly reduced in recent times, and make them the best possible spectacle for players, spectators, volunteers and to attract sponsors.” 

The Competitions Working Group wants any parties who are interested in hosting to get in touch now. 

“At this stage, the group is looking for expressions of interest,” explains James. “That could be from any party that has something to offer – so that may be an organisation that wants to run the whole event, to a venue which would just want to provide the sports hall.” 

An official Request for Information (RFI) process is underway which asks for interested parties to get in touch. They need to email to express an interest and will be asked to complete a short RFI questionnaire. The process is working to a strict schedule to ensure that the partner who is chosen to host has enough time to organise the National Finals events.

Potential partners will have an idea of the what they will need to deliver as the working group have developed an idea of what the format of the finals will look like. Following an extensive review, there are two possible formats for next year’s finals. 

The first is having two finals events. The Men’s and Women’s National Cup Finals would be one event. While a second finals event would use a two court set-up to showcase the Men’s and Women’s Shield and Sitting Volleyball Finals, as well as the Under 15, Under 16 and Under 18 junior finals. 
The other option is to host all the finals using a two court set-up. This is the current format of the finals, with the Under 15s and Sitting Final added in. As is the tradition, the Men’s and Women’s Cup finals would be played as the only games on during that time slot, so all viewers can watch. 

“A project working group for the finals was set up with 10 volunteers which has focused on engaging key stakeholder groups,” says James. “It was fantastic to have so many people come forward to help with the project and help to get the views of a wide range of stakeholders and consider a long list of priorities for the cup finals.

“Following a period of consultation, it was clear that there is not a format that will please everyone. Even within each stakeholder groups, there was very different views of what they want. 

“The criteria for the key content of the finals was developed and a scoring system established to compare all the options for different formats. Each stakeholder scored every aspect of each final and these two options came out on top. We did sense check the options to ensure that the mathematical answer ‘felt’ sensible too.”

For the full report of how the project was created and developed these options, click here

Parties which are interested in hosting in any either of the proposed formats, even for one of the finals events in the options for two finals events, are encouraged to get in touch. 
To express an interest, please email by the deadline of 29th

Partners wanted to host the National Cup Finals