Sitting Volleyball is back – who’s up for the Grand Prix?

6th August 2018

Sitting Volleyball is back – who’s up for the Grand Prix?

It seems only five minutes since the Sheffield VC and East London Lynx were live on BBC Sport battling it out in a titanic Sitting Volleyball Grand Prix Final – but the premier competition in sitting volleyball is back!

Entries for the Sitting Volleyball Grand Prix 2018-19 are now open, with the first event of the season set to take place in September. For more information about the competition and how to enter, visit the Sitting Volleyball Grand Prix page.

There will be five grand prix events during the season, one in September, November, December, January and February, before teams will advance to the semi-finals in March. The two finalists will then battle it out to be crowned national champions!

The 2018 final was a great advert for the sport, showing how skilful, fast and fun sitting volleyball is. It is one of the most inclusive sports there is with players of all genders, ability and with or without a disability all competing together. Don’t be fooled by the sitting part either – it’s a dynamic game!

New teams don’t even need to commit to entering every grand prix. You can create a team and enter individual events, or if you’re an individual who is interested in getting into the sport, you can email for more information and advice from experts in the sitting volleyball community.

Last season eight teams took part in the Grand Prix series but the competition is always encouraging new players and teams. Played in a friendly atmosphere, each grand prix sees teams play multiple matches in a mini-league format in two tiers, with promotions and relegation between the two division between grand prix events. Teams score points each grand prix which contributes to an overall league standing of all the teams. The top teams go through to the knockout stages.

In 2017-18, Sheffield VC defeated East London Lynx in an epic final then went five sets! The game was streamed live on the BBC Sport website. Why not give Sitting Volleyball a go and you never know, you could be in this season’s finale?

Sitting Volleyball is back – who’s up for the Grand Prix?