NVL Regulations Updated for new season

21st August 2018

NVL Regulations Updated for new season

The countdown has begun for the start of the 2018/19 National Volleyball League (NVL) season and to accompany a fresh top league with a new name and new format, the NVL Regulations have been updated to ensure they are ready for the season ahead. 

As part of an annual review process, the Competitions Working Group, who are a dedicated band of volunteers steering the strategy and delivery for Volleyball England competitions, have identified the required changes following feedback from the membership.  

“We listened to the clubs and many said that one of the biggest challenges they faced was the costs of running their teams,” explained James Murphy, the Competitions Working Group Lead. “Therefore, finding ways of reducing the financial pressure and making the administrative work easier, that were not detrimental to the high quality of competition, were the top priority when we re-examined the regulations.

“There were also some rules that teams felt were unclear, so we revisited and amended them to provide more clarity.”  

Working in the interests of teams, players, officials, administrators and volunteers, the updated NVL regulations have been published and are now available to view on the ‘Competition Rules and Information’ area of the website.

The updates can be broadly split into the three themes which James identified: reducing costs to clubs, making administration easier, as well as clarifying a number of rules. 

Cost Reduction and Budgeting 

One of the ways the Competitions Working Group are helping clubs save money is through making it easier to budget for the cost of officials.

Under a change to Regulation K1ii, match officials are now required to tell clubs in advance their likely match fees and travel expenses, as opposed to previous seasons where this has been an unknown and variable cost for clubs until the day of the match.

The costs of hosting triangular fixtures have been reduced too, which will help teams in division 3 in particular. If one or two officials preside over all three matches of a triangular, match official expenses have been reduced (Regulation D9) to save the home team money, where previously, clubs had to pay a higher premium.  

Additionally, to reduce referee costs for teams hosting a triangular, also having the greatest impact on Division 3, the home team can choose to officiate the middle match, providing they have a suitably qualified and registered referee (Regulation D4xi). 

Another amendment which will reduce the burden for the 55 teams making up the 7 Division 3 leagues, is the change to Regulation D1vii which has seen the requirement for line judges taken away, reducing the number of people required to stage a match and meaning no more potential fines. 

Ease of Administration  

In the spotlight here are several changes, which will affect all 131 teams across the 15 divisions with the purpose of easing the administrative task of team secretaries.

Regulation C1i sees the deadline for NVL teams to register eight players be moved back by a month from the 2017/18 season deadline of 1st August to a more realistic 1st September for 2018/19. 

This season, all NVL teams will have more options for reporting results on match days with the change to Regulation F2 adding WhatsApp and email to the existing methods of call and text. 

It’s also a new dawn for scoresheets with an amend to Regulation F1ii allowing teams to email in a copy of the scoresheet to competitions@volleyballengland.org following the match. Team secretaries may be buying fewer stamps over the 2018/19 season – a small saving but it all adds up over a season. The requirement of a separate match day checklist has also been removed.


The final type of changes to the NVL regulations are around providing clarity to some of the regulations, where teams had raised concerns previously.

Regulation A3iv outlines the implementation dates for teams being supported by a Level 2 coach, which for the 2018/19 season applies to all teams competing in the Super League and Division 1. 

The widespread incidence of bad weather over the winter period of the 2017-18 season saw many teams asking for guidance on what they need to do if the weather threatens to make a fixture unfulfillable. In response, Regulation E9 has been added to provide clarity over bad weather protocol and the actions and evidence required in such circumstances. 

Finally, in previous years the season end date has been fixed and the regulations did not allow for an extension under any circumstances but for this season an update to Regulation B2ix allows the Competitions Working Group to review and extend the end date of the season in truly exceptional circumstances. 

The full NVL Regulations and a helpful document highlighting the changes from previous years are available to view on the ‘Competitions Rules and Information’ area of the website. 

NVL Regulations Updated for new season