10 things to look forward to at this year's HEVO conference

12th September 2018

10 things to look forward to at this year's HEVO conference

This weekend is the Higher Education Volleyball Officer (HEVO) conference. As part of the flagship scheme to drive participation in the sport, the students will be developing their knowledge and skills to prepare them to deliver fun, recreational volleyball sessions at their universities in their role as HEVOs. It promises to be a lot of fun, as we reveal here in the things our HEVOs will love at this year’s conference…

1.       Meeting new people

Everyone gets a chance to meet likeminded people, who can help to expand a HEVO’s network. Hull University Anna KÓ§vecsi summed it up when talking about last year’s conference: “It was amazing to be able to network with so many different people from different universities. What stood out in particular is that there are so many people who just want to get involved no matter of their skills, how much these people all share the love for volleyball and want it to just keep evolving.”

2.       Free stuff!

Who doesn’t love free stuff? All HEVOs can look forward to receiving a T-shirt and a hoodie announcing to the world that they are indeed Higher Education Volleyball Officers. A free pen and notepad is provided so the HEVOs can take notes from all the useful seminars they will have over the weekend, as well as a resource pack which includes useful drills and challenges, all to help make planning volleyball sessions easier. 

3.       Marketing tips

Before putting on any recreational volleyball sessions, you want to get as many people there! The workshop is packed with top tips and techniques on how HEVOs can promote their sessions and how to keep numbers up by maintaining a relationship with the participants. It’s another example of brilliant transferable skills that HEVOs develop!  

4.       Saturday night

Saturday night is a real treat. With everyone dressed in smart casual, the atmosphere becomes a bit more formal with an evening’s dinner. This year’s entertainment also includes  a fun quiz for everyone, as well as fun have-a-go challenges. 

5.       Workshops

The weekend’s workshops will ensure the HEVOs are fully prepared to do a brilliant job of delivering fun volleyball at their university. Topics for this year’s workshops include HEVOs roles and responsibilities, how to maximise the impact of your time as a HEVO and useful tips on running events or sessions depending on the number of participants. Last year’s feedback reflected on the quality of the sessions: “really well organised, it was clear how much time was spent on the materials for the workshops. The staff/deliverers were all knowledgeable and helpful.”

6.       A recognised volleyball award

Being a HEVO includes leading and delivering volleyball sessions, so the practical element of the conference focuses on precisely that. By the end of the conference the participants will receive a Go Spike Activator Award. By the end of the Award, activators will be able to lead volleyball sessions for players of all abilities, introduce volleyball shots and rules, build up people’s confidence, keep players engaged, sustain participation levels and have fun as an activator! 

7.       .. in the dark

There is of course plenty of chance to play volleyball and one of the highlights is the famous UV Volleyball event. Led in a party like format with UV lights, glow in the dark balls, lines face paints and music, everyone plays volleyball and gets covered in UV paint – it’s a lot of fun!

After seeing this event in action and having taken part, many HEVOs get inspired and decide to lead an event of this type on their own at their own universities.

8.       ..on the beach

Weather permitting, this year there is a special workshop on beach volleyball. For some it will be there first taste of volleyball on the sand and chance to experience the buzz first hand!

9.       .. sat down

Sitting volleyball is an exciting format of volleyball creating opportunities for both disabled and non-disabled players to compete together. It is very inclusive and also easy to set up and deliver. The workshop will include the basics of the game, understanding how to move and work on different techniques to help the players enjoy themselves. Different adaptations and fun games will also be covered in this brief introduction to the sport. In the previous years, the workshop was such a success that some HEVOs found themselves playing the game in their free time, setting up a small game up anywhere they could think of. 

10.   Speed cage training

Serves at the ready! The Go Spike speed cage will be making an appearance in this year’s conference so you can find out just how fast you can serve! Who will be the fastest this year?


10 things to look forward to at this year's HEVO conference