Updated WADA Prohibited List for 2020

16th December 2019

Updated WADA Prohibited List for 2020

Anti-doping rules apply to all volleyball participants. Whether you play in a local league or internationally, if you are a coach or support players at any level, then it is your responsibility to stay informed.

And the importance of taking personal responsibility for being educated on the current anti-doping rules and regulations cannot be over emphasised. If you take, or assist someone in taking, a banned substance – deliberately or accidentally – then you can receive a ban from all competitive sports.

This is why it is vitally important that everyone who participates in volleyball thinks carefully about what substances they’re taking. Most people may think this doesn’t apply to me, but there can be prohibited substances in medications or nutritional supplements. Often the only way to determine whether they are safe to use is to check the ingredients.

The updated Prohibited List

One major source of information in the mission to keep sport clean is the Prohibited List, which is updated at least on an annual basis by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). Coming into effect on 1st January, the latest Prohibited List for 2020 has been published by WADA.

It details all the substances and methods which are prohibited, but many have technical names. The key thing is that if any of the substances on the list appear in the ingredients of products you’re looking to take, then it is safest to avoid them.

One of the best resources available to all athletes is Global DRO. The website has an easy to use search function where you can look up specific products to see if they are on the banned list. 

The United Kingdom Anti-Doping Agency (UKAD) have produced an insightful document, ‘Summary of Major Changes to the 2020 Prohibited List’, which highlights the key amendments to the list.

One of the important things the summary picks up is that, sometimes, banned substances can appear in products under different names. The updated list has seen some names of substances which were already on the banned list, added to the 2020 Prohibited List.

UKAD is a partner organisation of Volleyball England and is a brilliant resource to support athletes who want to stay clean and finding those who flout the rules.

Learn more, stay clean

The Volleyball England anti-doping section of the website has lots of useful advice so you can ensure you stay clean.

The key topics and questions covered include:

Updated WADA Prohibited List for 2020