England Talent Pathway

England Talent Pathway

The England Talent Pathway for volleyball is to provide opportunities for talent identification, confirmation and development and ultimately success for our England national teams across beach and indoor.  The pathway provides both training and competition (national and international) opportunities in order to develop age group athletes.

England Talent Pathway athletes train all year around, attending all England volleyball and beach volleyball camps. They will be expected to be available for selection for international competitions.


Selection for the Volleyball England Talent Pathway

Only athletes who are eligible to play for England can be part of the England Talent Pathway.  This means athletes must be able to demonstrate their citizenship with a birth certificate or British passport. Athletes must have a British passport to be selected for international competitions.


Selection Criteria

  • Athletes must meet Volleyball England, CEV, & FIVB eligibility criteria relating to age and nationality.
  • The perceived ability of the athletes to achieve the best results in the event/squad concerned in the selection decision.
  • The athletes’ performance against the physical profile expected.
  • The athletes’ performance against the technical, tactical and psychological expectations of the head coach.
  • The perceived potential for development as individuals during the tenure of the programme.
  • The athlete’s availability to prepare for and compete in planned competitions e.g. availability to attend national training camps as required.
  • Injury/Wellbeing status and readiness for training and competition.


Beach Volleyball in addition the above

  • A commitment to a solid beach training programme locally.
  • Results in domestic and international competitions.
  • The potential for athletes to train and play together to develop as a team out with national training camps.


Open Trials

Athletes primarily join the England talent pathway following attendance at open trials. Volleyball Open Trials are held annually in late Autumn,  Beach Volleyball Open Trials in March,  usually at the National Volleyball Centre in Kettering. Trialists get the opportunity to demonstrate their volleyball fundamentals and tactical awareness in game play and take a range of physical tests (spike reach, block reach, spike jump, block jump and anthropological measurements).  All trialists receive the tests results which highlight their current physical profile. Non selected athletes will receive brief feedback that helps them understand why they have not successful. The national team coaches lead the selection process. Athletes and club coaches can nominate open trialists.


Closed Trials

Only athletes approved by the head coach of the programme and Volleyball England Talent Team will be invited to a closed trial. Closed trials are for:

  1. athletes who missed Open Trials because of major injury or in exceptional circumstances that have been agreed with the Volleyball England Talent team. They must be nominated by their club coach and/or regional coach.
  2. athletes spotted by national team staff at volleyball events such as the Junior National Cup, Inter-regional Championships, UK Beach Volleyball Tour….
  3. current cadet/junior athletes talent pathway athletes making the transition into year 2 or from cadet to juniors.