Club Management

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What is Club Management?

Club Management is about ensuring the smooth running of the club through organised club governance, administration and finances.

Why is it important?

Strong club management is vital to ensure the smooth running of the club and to ensure sustainability in the future, both of club finances and player numbers. A good club management team also ensures that the club meets all its legal requirements, e.g. insurance and payments.

What is good practice?


  • The club should have a Club Chairperson, charged with managing the affairs of your club.
  • The club should have an open and non-discriminatory club constitution which has been agreed at an AGM and signed.
  • The club should have a clear Mission Statement.
  • The club should hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) to re-elect committee members and make any constitutional changes.
  • Ideally the Club Chairperson and Club Secretary should also arrange regular committee meetings for all volunteers to discuss club affairs.

Administration & Communication

  • The club should have a Club Secretary who takes charge of club administration, acting as the main point of contact for the club.
  • The club should be affiliated to Volleyball England. Affiliation provides Public Liability Insurance of up to £5 million for all club activities.
  • The club should communicate regularly with club members and parents if applicable. This could be via email, the club website or social networking sites for example.
  • The club should publicise important information for members. For example you could have a club handbook covering training times, membership fees and codes of conduct.


  • The club should have a Club Treasurer who is independent from the Club Chair and Club Secretary.
  • The club should have a club bank account with at least 2 signatories.
  • The Club Treasurer should manage the club finances effectively including budget planning, paying invoices and coordinating the collection of membership fees. This includes making a report on club finances at the AGM each year.
  • The club should have a membership and pricing policy for all members including separate categories for young people if applicable.
  • Ideally the club should be actively seeking funding opportunities to develop club activities and offer value for money for members.

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