England vs Landstede Match 3 report

21st August 2015

England vs Landstede Match 3 report

England Match Squad

1. Peter Bakare, 2. Jamie Baker (Libero), 3. Kieran Sowden, 4. John Chapman (Libero), 5. Cameron Carrington, 6. Adam Bradbury, 7. Sonny Chaney, 8. Leon Davis-Chambers, 9. Sam Shenton, 10. Nathan French (Captain), 12. Nathan Fullerton, 13. Alex Jenkins


ENGLAND 1 – 3 Landstede (23-25, 25-21, 20-25 20-25,)

England faced Landstede for a third time in three days looking for further improvements to those already made by this exciting group of players.

The first set was evenly matched with both teams trading points until two quick attacks by Peter Bakare and Nathan French allowed England to lead at the first technical 8-6. Strong serving by Landstede disrupted the offence of England and allowed them to push ahead at the second technical 13-16. The teams traded again with inspirational captain French and the powerful Landstede opposite having a real battle. Leon Davis-Chambers kept England in contention with two successive attacks but it was Landstede who went on to win the first set 23-25.

England responded extremely well in the second set and raced into an 8-4 lead with Sonny Chaney, Adam Bradbury and French both scoring well. England continued to put the pressure on their opponents with excellent offence variation by the England setters. England continued their momentum through this set winning 25-21. James Baker took the court for his debut as Libero and made a positive impact in England’s reception.

Landstede came out firing in the third and raced to a 3-8 lead through excellent blocking. Davis-Chambers, French and Bakare were constant threats to Landstede and continued to score for England but the deficit from the early part of the set was just too much with Landstede taking the set 20-25.

England made some changes for the fourth set, Sam Shenton entered in the left side power attacker position and Adam Bradbury moved to the right side. Bradbury and French ensured England led at the first technical 8-4 with smart hitting and good serving. Landstede’s opposite player was demanding more of the ball and scored 7 quick points to lead at the second technical 15-16. England fought hard to stop the momentum, however the power of the Landstede left and right side attackers secured victory for the home team, taking the fourth set 20-25.

England fought hard in all three of these competitive fixtures and improved their statistics and performance levels in each game. This series of matches against the reigning Dutch triple champions Landstede proved an invaluable experience for the players and staff, providing a benchmark for the England men’s team.

The summer programme of training camps and competition has provided a platform from which we can now build our Young Senior programmes.


England vs Landstede Match 3 report