Volleyball Family secures £234,000 in Return to Play funding

18th August 2021

Volleyball Family secures £234,000 in Return to Play funding

Congratulations to the 56 volleyball clubs and organisations who have secured a slice of Sport England’s £15 million Return to Play: Small Grants fund.

From 3rd Newbiggin Scouts (£600) in the north to Wessex VC (£1,000) in the south, Great Yarmouth and Gorleston VC (£8,709) in the east and Academy of Beach Sports (£1,170) in the west, volleyball’s comeback has been given a major boost with the total so far awarded to the sport standing at £234,030.

The fund was set up in October 2020 to help sport and activity groups, clubs and organisations respond to the immediate challenges of returning to play in a Covid-safe way and has since been expanded to help get people active for the first time after the pandemic. And it is open until the end of 2021 for applicants to bid for awards of between £300 and £10,000. Applicants who have had their bids rejected are enccouraged to read the revised criteria and reapply.

Ian Huggins, Chair of Academy of Beach Sports, said: "We saw the Return to Play Fund advertised and realised it would make our return all the quicker if we could get more equipment. The process could not have been easier. Not knowing how generous Sport England could be we applied for the minimum we needed to get started.

"Firstly we assessed how we wanted to operate which was quite simple, have two sets of everything (16 balls and 2 ball carts). Given our operating procedures required keeping members' belongings outside of the courts and the typical British weather we also needed a decent gazebo.

"The form was fairly simple to complete and the data required was all within the club. It's a fairly long form to complete but this should not put one off, it really is simple. We applied for a very modest amount of money £1,170, it was very quickly approved and once we accepted the offer the money was deposited directly into the clubs bank account for us to spend.

"If other clubs are thinking about applying for funding, which we would recommend whatever the financial position of your club, we would say look broader at the club requirements that would be within the remit of the fund. We have other items we should have considered for indoor use and further beach courts that we should have considered."

According to Sport England, 49% of all applicants from across different sports clubs and organisations have been successful. However, volleyball’s application success rate stands at 72% thanks, in part, to support given by the Volleyball England Foundation to a number of clubs.

Janet Inman, Secretary of the Volleyball England Foundation, said: “The Foundation has now supported 17 successful applications and have three more being reviewed at the moment and two grant applications being developed. In total we have helped clubs to successfully apply for more than £110,000 from this funding pot.”

Vicki Carr, Strategic Manager (Get Keep Grow) has also been working with affiliated clubs to support Return to Play: Small Grant applications. She added: “Congratulations to the clubs, associations and organisations who have successfully applied for grant support. It’s great to see that amount of money coming into the sport.

“The deadline for applications has been extended until the end of 2021, so I would encourage clubs and groups who have incurred additional costs as a result of organising Covid-secure volleyball to apply. Funding can be used for additional sports equipment to minimise sharing, cleaning equipment, and more.

“If you are part of a Volleyball England affiliated club, please reach out to our membership team who be happy to help you with your application.”

Visit the Sport England website for more information on the Return to Play: Small grants fund and to begin your application.

Data accurate as of 18/08/2021.

Volleyball Family secures £234,000 in Return to Play funding