Volleyball lovers offer a helping hand

28th October 2017

Volleyball lovers offer a helping hand

The new governance structure of Volleyball England that is being developed, is built on the foundation of volleyball volunteers. We have a volunteer base, that not only has volleyball experience but a wealth of skills and knowledge. Now more than ever, we need the volunteers to take ownership of the sport and following a call to action, members of the volleyball community have come forward to help develop and deliver our sport.

134 people have joined the “Pool of Experts,” a group who are happy to give their knowledge, experience and skills to help with volleyball projects and programmes. The experts completed a short survey to join the Pool and offer assistance in over 40 specified skills to the other volunteers driving programmes and projects forward. From finance and administration, to graphic design and event management, these skills are wide ranging and are all areas we need to keep our sport moving forward. Work in all these specialists areas is supported by the Board and Hub staff.

VE’s CEO, Janet Inman, says: “We have been overwhelmed response, it shows how passionate our volleyball family is about our sport. The Pool of Experts is a great resource that can help develop and deliver the best possible volleyball experience. We are already tapping into the Pool and benefitting from more of its members specialist skills. As a sport we have some highly skilled individuals playing every week, all we need to do is ask for help and the overwhelming response is: What would you like me to do?"

The aim is for the Pool to continue to grow and people are encouraged to offer to help in any way they can.

“We want more people to bring their expertise to the table,” says Janet. “The bigger the Pool grows, the better it becomes as a resource. The more the volleyball community can work together, the brighter and more sustainable the future of volleyball will become.”

To become a member of the Pool of Experts, complete the VE survey and let us know what skills you have to offer. 

If you do sign up, you’ll also be in with a chance of winning a prize! The 150th member of the group will receive  a limited edition London 2012 volleyball.

Congratulations to Nathan Skidmore, who was the winner of the 100th person to sign up to the Pool. 

Volleyball lovers offer a helping hand