Sitting Volleyball Grand Prix

The Grand Prix series is the biggest and best sitting volleyball competition in England. 
Split into two tiers, it sees teams from each group play in six round-robin format events throughout the season. League standings decide who plays in the semi-finals before a climactic final to crown the champion.
Throughout the 2021/22 season there was a fierce battle for top spot. But in a dramatic 5 setter in the final showdown of the season, Sitting Bucks beat their main rivals South Hants to take the title.

2022-23 season

The 2022/23 Grand Prix series begins on Sunday 24th September with 6 events running throughout the season.
Entrants will come together to compete across the four courts at the National Volleyball Centre in Kettering. Teams will be split into two ability-based tiers providing a fun and competitive format for teams of all levels.

Previous seasons

Please note the 2020/21 season did not take place due to the Covid-19 pandemic.