Inter Regional Championships

The Inter-Regional Championships are a junior competition in which the 9 Volleyball Regional Associations enter teams into the U15 Boys, U15 Girls, U17 Boys and U17 Girls competitions.


The 2023 Inter-Regional Championships will take place between 27-29th May at the National Volleyball Centre, Kettering. 

The Girls competition will take place on 27th and the first half of 28th May. The Boys competition begins on the second half of 28th May and runs through until the end of 29th May.

Structure of the competition

  • The Pools – There are 9 regions that have entered both Under 17 competitions. The regions have been placed in pools of 5 (POOL A) and 4 (POOL B) where each team will play each other.
  • The Matches – All matches will be best of 3 sets, first 2 to 25 with a decider if needed to 15, 2 points clear. For their first games teams are allowed a 10-minute warmup on court followed by 5-minute warmups.
  • Knockout stages – Following the pool stages the teams will go into the knockout stages consisting of Semi-Finals, the playoffs and the highly anticipated Finals.