Sat 8th October 2022

Wessex Women 1 13:00
Match: 4
Team South Wales
Womens Division 1 Venue: Parkstone Grammar School

Sun 9th October 2022

Northampton 12:30
Match: 43
Chester Amazons
Womens Division 2 North Venue: Moulton College

Sat 15th October 2022

MK City Men 11:30
Match: 3
Cambridge ARU Men
Mens Division 2 South Venue: Glebe Farm School
Malory Eagles UEL M 12:00
Match: 7
Richmond Docklands
Mens Super League Venue: Ernest Bevin College
Stockport Volleyball Club Women (W) 12:00
Match: 5
Everton Belugas
Womens Division 2 North Venue: Life Leisure Brinnington Park
University of Nottingham Volleyball Women 13:00
Match: 48
London Inter Orcas
Womens Super League Venue: Jubilee Sports Centre
Sheffield Hallam Men 13:30
Match: 6
University of Nottingham Volleyball Men
Mens Super League Venue: TBC
London Aces 13:30
Match: 5
Richmond Bucks
Mens Division 1 Venue: Lambeth Academy
MK City 13:30
Match: 5
London Lionhearts
Womens Division 1
Coventry & Warwick Riga 1 13:30
Match: 6
Team Sunderland w
Womens Division 1 Venue: Alan Higgs Centre
Leicester Athena W1 13:30
Match: 71
Bristol VC 1
Womens Division 1 Venue: New College Leicester
Durham Palatinates Women's 14:00
Match: 3
Essex Rebels Women
Womens Super League Venue: TBC

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Rules & Information

Players registered in the last two seasons (19-20 and 21-22) require a transfer to register for a different Club.  As the 20-21 season did not occur only players listed in the two spreadsheets below apply are required to transfer.

Referee Appointments are liable to change throughout the season due to unforeseen circumstances. To access your Referee Appointments via Whos the Ref (WTR) please use the guide below;

Locations of NVL team venues can be accessed via the following steps: 
  • Visit VolleyZone and sign in 
  • On the left navigation bar click on 'Team Information'
  • Then click on 'My Opponents', this will direct you to a table which includes all the teams in your division and cup competition
  • You can then click on 'Columns' on the top right of the page to add more or less detail to the table

This needs to be presented to the scorer before each match

All home teams must send email confirmation out to the opposition, officials and Divisional Lead at least 14 days before the match date. Fines will be imposed to those teams that do not send this out in time in accordance with Rule D 1 viii (10).

We have one policy that applies to all:
  • Coaches
  • Officials
  • Volunteers
  • Players
  • Parents/Carers

National Volleyball League structure

Roll of honour

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