Sub Groups

The Board has given delegated responsibility to each of the Sub Groups to identify issues and develop programmes or projects to ensure effective and efficient delivery of our strategic objectives.

Each of the Sub Groups is chaired by a member of the Board: 

  • An Ace Service - TBC
  • Get Keep Grow - TBC 
  • Volleyball For Life - TBC
  • Finance, Strategy and Risk - TBC

In addition to the nominated Chair, each Sub Group will also have other Board members (who can also be Project Sponsors) Delivery Leads, relevant staff and, at the invitation of the chair, experts to attend the meetings.

It is the responsibility of the Chair to call the Sub Group meeting and ensure the right people are round the table to inform and input in to the strategic and operational discussions. The Sub Group will monitor identified and emerging risks and advise on their prevention, mitigation and management.

Each Sub Group has a Terms of Reference which is available in the Governance section.