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For general queries, please call 01509 974 700. Staff direct lines can be found below.

Please note standard office hours are Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 4.30pm.

English Volleyball Association Limited, Registered in England number 02023635

Members of staff

Chief Executive Officer

Sue Storey

Sue's work as the CEO encompasses all aspects of running the sport and Volleyball England. Liaising with national sporting agencies, advising the Executive Board, and taking an interest in all aspects of the sport from grassroots through to international level are some of her key areas.

01509 974 701

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Samantha Jamieson

Samantha leads staff in the day to day delivery element of the organisation. She assists the CEO in ensuring Volleyball England is fulfilling it's legal, statutory and regulatory responsibilities and is delivering on our strategy The Game Plan. Samantha works with a range of key stakeholders, including, the Board, staff, working groups, partners and funders.

01509 974 692

Strategic Manager (An Ace Service)

Rob Payne

Rob works collaboratively to deliver and continuously improve the products and services that most benefit the clubs and the wider volleyball community. This includes, but is not limited to, all Volleyball England competitions and events. Rob is also our Safeguarding Lead Officer.

01509 974 698

Strategic Manager (Get Keep Grow)

Vicki Carr

Vicki works to strengthen the English volleyball club structure by helping clubs achieve their ambitions. This includes the development of membership packages, funding bids and supporting systems for administrators, players, coaches, officials, and volunteers. Vicki also leads on Equality and Diversity and is the Deputy Safeguarding Officer.

01509 974 684

Strategic Manager (Volleyball For Life)

Gillian Harrison

Gillian helps us to better understand, articulate and promote the opportunities that volleyball provides for anyone, at any stage of their life. This includes the management of the talent pathways for all disciplines as well as the technical development of education and training programmes.

01509 974 691

Strategic Manager (Digital & Communications)

Stewart Thorpe

Stewart is responsible for generating high-quality content assets, maintaining excellent levels of dialogue with the volleyball community and raising the profile of the sport. He also oversees and drives the organisation's digital transformation through the development of the website and other software platforms.

01509 974 703

Financial Consultant

Kevin Fletcher

Kevin is responsible for the integrity and accuracy of the figures produced by Volleyball England. This is done by keeping up to date with the latest financial practices and maintaining robust financial systems and procedures. Kevin works part-time.

01509 974 685

Talent Coordinator

Andy Jones

Andy is responsible for delivery and reporting on the Volleyball England Talent programme. He helps to plan and organise training camps and competitions for our national squads, both nationally and internationally. Andy works part-time.

01509 974 693

Project Lead (Competitions)

John Worrall

John leads on the delivery of a wide range of competitions and events. From junior competitions, to the NVL and Sitting Volleyball Grand Prix, John helps to ensure teams can play competitions on a national level across the country.

01509 974 708

Project Lead (Clubs & Memberships)

Laura Woodruff

Laura leads on support for Volleyball England members and clubs. This includes growth, development, funding, the HEVO programme, and general membership queries.

01509 974 706

Project Lead (Talent)

Mark Garcia-Kidd

Mark leads on the delivery and reporting of the Volleyball England Talent programme. From trials, to camps and competitions, Mark supports our national squads to train and compete nationally and internationally.

01509 974 689

Project Lead (DiSE & Education)

Bertrand Olie

Bertrand leads on the delivery and reporting of a wide range of education projects and programmes. He is Volleyball England's lead for our Diploma in Sporting Excellence (DiSE).

01509 974 697

Project Lead (Data & Insight)

Dan Ward

Dan leads on the delivery and reporting of a wide range of data and insight projects. His work enables Volleyball England to better understand our products and services and how we can best support members. Dan also monitors the inbox, so is often the community's first point of contact.

01509 974 705

Digital and Communications Assistant

Charlotte Lingham

Charlotte works closely with Volleyball England staff and volunteers to assist in the generation of high-quality content, newsletters and articles. She also manages Volleyball England’s social media channels.

01509 974 695

Finance Assistant

Adam Freundlich

Adam is responsible for assisting the Financial Consultant in the preparation and maintenance of all financial records, which support the efficient and effective running of Volleyball England.

01509 974 687

Project Officer

Alice Banks

Alice plays an important role in supporting the full range of tasks and functions undertaken by Volleyball England. This includes supporting the functional areas of competitions, education and talent administration, general office support, supporting team members and being the first point of contact.

01509 974 683

Project Officer


This Project Officer plays an important role in supporting the functional areas of competitions, general office support, supporting team members and being the first point of contact to members of the community.

Project Officer

Leila Gear

Leila is on a year placement with Volleyball England and plays a vital role in supporting competitions. Her work focusses on the new-look junior competitions, which have had a record number of entries.

01509 974 690

Project Officer (Workforce Development & Courses)

Anna Knibbs

Anna leads on the administration of Volleyball England courses. Her work helps to develop our all-important workforce, including coaches and referees.

01509 974 702