Equality Standard

Working in collaboration with home country sports councils, CCPR and equity organisations, UK Sport has developed the Equality Standard for sport. The Equality Standard will ensure equality is integrated into all aspects of sports bodies' operations and services to members, athletes, staff and volunteers.

Volleyball England was one of the first national governing bodies of sport to achieve the foundation level of the equality standard and in 2007 achieved preminlinary level of the equality standard, demonstrating a commitment to equality and diversity and ensuring that policies and procedures are in place.

Given our achievement to date and the ongoing work we are committed to working through immediate level and advanced level of the Equality Standard a Framework for Sport by 2017.

Both these levels will be more challenging but we want everyone’s experiences of volleyball to be positive and offer the best opportunities for each individual to fulfill their potential. Volleyball England's is currently drafting "The Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: Action Plan"  which explains how we aim to deliver on our commitments and take every opportunity to further promote and integrate equality, diversity and inclusion into our work as we deliver on our next Strategic Plan up to 2017.

Intermediate level

The Intermediate level builds on the commitment and action demonstrated at Foundation and Preliminary levels. At this stage, demonstrable change in the organisation can be evidenced as the action plan and positive action schemes take effect. The benefits of delivering positive action schemes are rarely produced immediately and organisations should expect to progress through the Intermediate level over a period of two years or more.

Advanced Level

Through the Advanced level your organisation should be able to demonstrate that it has systematically integrated equality into all systems and structures; policies, programmes, processes and projects; into its organisational culture; into ways of seeing and doing.

There are two themes in this section, 'Developing your organisation', and 'Developing your services'. Each of these themes has identified outcomes.