14 Jun 2022

Entries open for the NVL and National Cup!

Entries open for the NVL and National Cup!

Want to take part in national volleyball competitions in the 22/23 season? Enter your teams for the NVL and National Cup now!

NVL Teams, enter your teams for the NVL & National Cup finals!


The NVL is the highest level of volleyball for clubs in England. At the top of the NVL is the Super League with Division 1 and regional Divisions 2 and 3 below. This coming season will see 24 new teams across the men’s and women’s competitions, which has meant we’ve created an extra division in both leagues. New to 22/23, we see the Women’s Division 3 North being split into the Women’s Division 3 North East and Women’s Division 3 North West, and the Men’s Division 3 South becoming the Men’s Division 3 South East and Men’s Division 3 South West.

At the end of the 21/22 season, the champions of both the Women’s Super League and the Men’s Super League were Durham Palatinates. Take a look at the full 21/22 tables and results for all NVL divisions here.

Make sure you've entered before the 1st July. You can enter your team via VolleyZone.


Photo: NVL match between Ashcombe Dorking 1 and Reading Aces by Steve Smith


National Cup:

Entries into the National Cup are now open for both NVL and non-NVL teams. The National Cup is the prime knockout competition for volleyball in England. Super League teams are seeded late into the Cup and teams that are knocked-out of the Cup are entered into the National Shield competition.

Thanks to the National Cup being open to non-NVL teams as well as NVL teams, it allows you to compete against a variety of teams from all over the country.

This exciting competition leads to the Cup Finals at the end of the season, where the top two men’s and women’s teams in both the National Cup and National Shield compete to be crowned champions and lift the trophy. Cup Finals is the biggest event on the Volleyball England calendar, drawing in large crowds and an electric atmosphere. It really is a special experience for teams that get to play at the event.

If you want to enter your team into the National Cup, make sure you do so via VolleyZone before the 1st July.

The National cup and Shield Finals from the 21/22 season results were as follows:

At the end of the 21/22 season, Richmond Docklands beat Newcastle Staffs in the Men’s National Cup Final and Polonia SideOut London beat Durham Palatinates in the Women’s National Cup Final. You can watch the men’s match back here, it begins at 8:20 and watch the women’s match back here, it begins at 4:07

In the National Shield, Stockport beat London Aces in the Men’s National Shield Final and Everton Belugas beat MK City in the Women’s National Shield Final. Watch the men’s match back here and watch the women’s match back here, both are the first matches on the stream.


Photo: National Cup match between Marske VC and Northumbria by Phil Gibbin


Enter the NVL or National Cup:

If your team wants to take part in the NVL or National Cup for the 22/23 season, enter via VolleyZone by the 1st July. Search for either ‘Competitions - NVL Divisions’ or ‘Competitions - National Cup’ and click book now.

If you have any questions please contact the competitions working group on competitions@volleyballengland.org.

Headline image: Men's Cup Final 2022 by Phil Gibbin