21 Oct 2023

Maxime meets royals as part of World Mental Health Day

Maxime meets royals as part of World Mental Health Day

England cadet player Maxime Carolan has spoken about how Volleyball has helped him to develop positive mental health.

He joined other talented young athletes and their families in meeting their Royal Highnesses, the Prince and Princess of Wales, at Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre last week for a SportsAid workshop on the subject.  

The royal visit was part of World Mental Health Day, with the Prince and Princess travelling around the country to promote positive attitudes in sports and the need for people to support each other's development, as well as focus on mental health outside of their activities.   

Prince William sat down with parents and discussed supporting their children’s sporting careers and, speaking about his own family, said:  “I try to talk to them about how you can win well and lose well. 

“I think that’s really important. They need to understand they’re not going to win everything. 

“It’s not just sport, they’re lessons throughout your life – winning, losing, competing… relationships, whatever it might be. For me it all started with sports.” 

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The future Queen Consort, Princess Catherine, has championed the mental health of children and young people for many years. 

She is focused on ensuring children have the best start to life as possible and encouraging children and young people to build key protective factors such as healthy relationships and communities around them, which will help them to lay stronger foundations as they move through life. 

Maxime spoke about how sport benefits him and his mental health and how volleyball has opened opportunities for him.  

He said: "When you are playing sports, it takes all of your attention, distracting you from your day to day stress and anxiety... this is how sports can really help with Mental Health.  

“Sports also allow people to unlock a social life where they meet new people and feel part of a community." 

“I felt very proud to be part of this event and to represent Volleyball England as a SportsAid athlete. 

“I met some of our Olympians and Paralympians who shared their thoughts and gave us precious advice on how to handle pressure and keep a clear mind whilst competing as well as prepare mentally for milestones in our career. 

“It was a great honour to meet The Prince and Princess of Wales and have the opportunity to speak to them. It was a moment I will never forget and I’d like to thank Volleyball England, SportsAid and my sponsor.” 

For more information about World Mental Health and how to seek supprt regarding your mental health, click here

If you would like to try your hand at Volleyball, or join a club, you can use the Volleyball England club finder here.  

Photos courtesy of SportsAid.