Sunday 27th Warm-up Start
WSL 19 Polonia SideOut London vs. Malory Eagles UEL Kensington Leisure Centre 12:00 12:30
Saturday 2nd Warm-up Start
WSL 21 Malory Eagles UEL vs. Durham Palatinates Women Ernest Bevin College 11:30 12:00
Saturday 23rd Warm-up Start
WSL 32 Malory Eagles UEL vs. Cambridge VC and Anglia Ruskin University Ernest Bevin College 14:00 14:30
Saturday 7th Warm-up Start
WSL 37 TeamBU Wessex vs. Malory Eagles UEL LeAF Academy 14:15 14:45
Saturday 14th Warm-up Start
WSL 42 Malory Eagles UEL vs. London Inter Orcas University of East London (Sports Dock) 12:00 12:30
Sunday 15th Warm-up Start
WSL 44 Bristol VC 1 vs. Malory Eagles UEL Steiner Academy Sportshall 13:00 13:30

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