Saturday 4th Warm-up Start
M1 83 The Miners Doncaster Volleyball Club vs. Team Essex Estonians XP School postponed
M2N 80 Black Country Men 2 vs. Hull Thunder Redhill School Sports Hall postponed
M2N 81 Sheffield 2 vs. Leicester Volleyball Club All Saints Sports Centre postponed
M2S 80 Weymouth Beach Volleyball Club vs. Bristol VC Redlands Community Sports Hub postponed
M2S 81 Richmond VB vs. Oxford & Brookes Students Kingston College Arena postponed
M2S 82 MK City vs. Newmarket VC Cranfield Fitness Centre postponed
M2S 83 Urbond Volleyball Club Portsmouth vs. New Forest Priory Community Sports Centre postponed
WSL 69 Durham Palatinates Women vs. TeamBU Wessex Maiden Castle Sports Centre postponed
WSL 71 London Inter Orcas vs. Bristol VC 1 Caius House Youth Centre postponed
W1 80 Richmond VB vs. London Inter Orcas 2 Kingston College Arena postponed
W1 81 Team Sunderland vs. Birmingham Volleyball Club Sunderland College postponed
W2N 59 Tameside vs. Chester Amazons Fairfield High School postponed
W2S 68 Wessex W2 vs. Bristol VC 2 LeAF Academy postponed
W2S 69 London Lionhearts vs. Reading Aces Mulberry Academy postponed
W3SE 12 Urbond Ladies VC Portsmouth vs. Sussex Dolphins 2 Priory Community Sports Centre postponed

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