Action Planning

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What is Action Planning?

Action Planning is planning together to ensure the future sustainability of your volleyball club and to grow the players of the future.

Why is it important?

Even if your club is not looking to grow at the moment, action planning is vital to simply ensure that you have enough players and finance to continue to operate. For ambitious clubs, action planning is paramount to successful development. It ensures that the club has clear aims and that all members are working towards common goals.

What is good practice?

Development Plans

  • Ideally your club should have a one year development plan setting out the club’s key targets for the season ahead. You can plan further into the future, indeed many clubs have development plans for 3 years or more.
  • You may find it helpful to split your plan into sections, e.g. management, playing programme, welfare, promotion and funding.
  • A separate section focussing on junior development may also be useful.

In your plan:

  • Targets should be specific; write down exactly what you want to achieve and how you plan to do it, e.g. ‘Increase the league position of the Men’s team by three places before next season by having one extra training session a month and recruiting 2 new players’ rather than ‘improve team performance’.
  • Targets should be measurable; use numbers to be able to measure your progress later, e.g. ‘Increase the number of members attending the club regularly from 30 to 40’ rather than ‘Find more members’.
  • Targets should be achievable and realistic; think big but also try to be realistic about what you can achieve. If your club has no junior section, then you’re not likely to win the junior nationals that year!
  • Targets should have a time scale, set deadlines for when you want to achieve things and review progress at least every 6 months to check how the club is getting on. 

Developing a junior section

  • Developing a junior section from scratch can seem intimidating, but with a good plan you can work steadily and logically to create a set up.
  • Developing a school- club link is a huge advantage to both the junior and general development of the club.

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