Starting a Volleyball Club

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While clubs come in all shapes and sizes, there are some initial steps and important structures that are common to all. From creating a club constitution and affiliating with Volleyball England to finding facilities and players, this page is a guide to getting your club off the ground. 

Sport England's Club Matters resources on starting a club are also highly recommended for an informative step-by-step approach through the process.

Organising your club

When starting a volleyball club, it's important to make sure that you have the right organisational structure in place and that your club is insured:

  • Create an effective club committee with a chairperson, secretary and treasurer. Ideally these people should not be related to each other.    
  • Open a club bank account.
  • Create a club constitution (example) and a club mission statement.
  • Affiliate your club as a new club with Volleyball England. This entitles you to £5 million Public Liability Insurance along with a host of other membership benefits.
  • We can also assist you with completing a Small Grants application, which could help the club with a start up grant of between £300 - £10,000

Finding a venue, players and volunteers.

Approach your local leisure centres and schools to see if they have facilities that your club could use. Setting up a school - club link early on could help your club to become successful.

There are several ways in which you can attract players to your club:

  • Advertise your sessions at the venue itself! You can print flyers/leaflets to leave on noticeboards, or to hand to sports centre users.
  • Contact your local Active Partnership. They are invaluable and will help you find and attract new players, whilst advertising new sessions.   
  • Create an inspiring club website, or create a social media account, get people talking and shout loud and proud about your new club!
  • Join In connects people with local sports clubs who need their help. So if you're looking for a coach, treasurer or someone to organise your socials - then this is perfect!     

Supporting your club


For affiliated clubs, Volleyball England offer a dedicated funding support service with sport development professionals on hand to provide guidance for your funding applications.

We can assist you with completing a Small Grants application, which could help your club with a start up grant of between £300 - £10,000.

Who can I ask for help?

As well as the Volleyball England team, there are several organistations who can support you with the many facets of creating a new club, from funding to finding players and joining leagues:

  • Regional Volleyball Association: There are 9 Regional Associations, staffed entirely by volunteers. They can help you to find players and enter local competitions and leagues.
  • Local authority sports departments: Find out if your council has a sports department, they may be able to help you set up your club and have local funding available.
  • Active Partnership: Every county has an Active Partnership staffed by professional sport and activity officers. They may have their own sources of funding and will be able to support your club with advice.