Volunteer Development

Having a designated person – a Volunteer Co-ordinator, looking after volunteer management and support can bring enormous benefits to your club  Recruiting and retaining volunteers is a difficult task but it is vital for the future of volleyball clubs. Volunteers are the lifeblood of all volleyball clubs, yet all too often they are taken for granted.

Increasingly, as people's time becomes more valuable it is important that clubs consider the whole area of human resource development and how they can recruit, support, recognise and reward their most valuable resource - volunteers.

Given that volunteers are essential to the effective running of volleyball clubs it is recommended that clubs consider appointing a club volunteer coordinator. This type of role can make a big difference to the recruitment and retention of volunteers as it ensures that the area of volunteer development is given a strong lead from within the club. The role of the club volunteer coordinator could focus on:

  • Recruiting new volunteers
  • Getting to know the club membership
  • Spreading the workload across a variety of people, and not just loaded onto a few individuals.
  • Identifying the volunteer needs of the club
  • Rewarding and developing current volunteers
  • Providing feedback to help people be effective in their roles
  • Creating a stronger more sustainable club/association.