Sitting Volleyball Workshop

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The Sitting Volleyball workshop is suitable for those who are looking to deliver Sitting Volleyball in their own environment. It equips existing leaders and coaches with the knowledge, resources and basic equipment to deliver fun and inclusive sessions. 

Course Duration

The workshop is a 4 hour course which covers:

  • An introduction to sitting volleyball
  • Understanding moving and introducing the game
  • Sitting Volleyball techniques
  • Adapting the game

Course Fees

£50 per learner (includes course fee, equipment and resources).

There are a number areas in the country that can access funding to cover course fees. The subsidy can range from small contributions to the full 100%. Visit UK Coaching to find the latest coach education funding opportunities in your area.

What resource will I receive?

All candidates will receive:

  • Resource booklet – containing games and activities
  • Sitting Volleyball Starter kit – containing a net band and 5 beach balls Each
  • Certificate of Attendance 

What will I learn?

At the conclusion of the workshop, candidates will be able to:

a)   Get groups of beginners playing games and challenges very quickly

b)   Choose appropriate practices, games and equipment in order to do this

c)   Introduce the basic sitting volleyball shots and rules

d)   Be able to enthuse people to build confidence and get them involved

e)   Be flexible in their approach to adapt to participants’ needs

How can I book onto a course?

A national list of courses is available on the Volleyball England Course Finder section of the website.

For further information please contact the Volleyball England Hub via email or call on 01509 227722

How can I arrange a course?

Please visit the 'How to Organise a Course' webpage here.

Interested in organising a course?

Please visit the 'How to Organise a Course' webpage here.

Course Policies and Procedures

To view the current course policies and procedures, please visit the relevant webpage here.