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Sports Coach UK Research Summary: How a coaches reputation influences player behaviour

Place one coach and 35 players in the same training session. Then tell different players different stories about how experienced (or inexperienced) the coach is. Finally, sit back and watch how players behave differently based on the stories they’ve been told. New research from academics in the UK suggests that the old adage of ‘first impressions count’ is very much alive and kicking in sport. This article provides a summary of this research and concludes with a few ideas for how coaches can apply the research.

FEATURED VIDEO: Introductory tips for coaching hitting technique

coaching craft

Communicating during a match

What can we learn from how elite level coaches communicate with their players during competitive matches? The answer: well, quite a lot, as a team of academics from France, the UK and Australia found out in new research published in 2013.
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Personal Development Plan and Training Needs Analysis Tool Personal Development Plan and Training Needs Analysis Tool 4.55 17/11/2015

Drills and Prac

This is a fantastic website that contains videos and articles on a wealth of drills, tactics, techniques, philosophies, fitness tips, nutritional advice, mental training – and it’s all available on a free subscription service at with an option to purchase premium access
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Beach Volleyball Drillbook Beach Volleyball Drillbook 1.68 17/11/2015

The Physical Ga
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Volleyball Canada LTAD Volleyball Canada LTAD 2.44 17/11/2015
Relative Age Effects  Implications for Performer Development Relative Age Effects Implications for Performer Development 3.28 17/11/2015

The Mental Game

Gaining your players trust & 'buy in' 

This is a fascinating scientific article on using the 'attachment theory' to tailor your communication method to your players. The written summary discusses some theory and application and will change the way you approach your slightly more difficult players!

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Helping athletes cope with the stresses of injury Helping athletes cope with the stresses of injury 1.17 17/11/2015

The Technical G

There is so much that can simply be gaine by watching videos of isolated volleyball movements and matches in terms of observing the technique and the coaching something that looks similar. Beware coaches, there is always more than one way of executing all movemnets, below and to the left are some examples.

The video to the left breaks down elements of the hitting movement and action.

Click on the image to view
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FIVB Level 1 Coaches Manual FIVB Level 1 Coaches Manual 15.13 17/11/2015

The Tactical Ga


coaching childr

Athlete wellbeing and Talent Development Environments

While there has been plenty of research on how to develop talented young athletes, less attention has been paid to their psychological well-being. New research from Sweden aims to redress this balance by examining how athlete perception of the talent environment influences their well-being.
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Asking Good Questions and Game Based Activity Asking Good Questions and Game Based Activity 0.97 17/11/2015

Coaching Women Inclusive Coaching.pdf

This factsheet is one of a series, produced by sports coach UK and Women in Sport, aimed at coaches who coach women or who are interested in coaching them in the future. Each factsheet provides insight into the female athlete and her needs, and guidance as to how better to coach and support her.
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Female Physiology and considerations for coaching practice Female Physiology and considerations for coaching practice 0.58 17/11/2015

Event Resources Defence Systems.pdf

In this section we have included some of the delivered content from our 2015 Coaching Conference guest speakers including Audrey Cooper's presentation on block/defence systems, Simon Worsnop's research articles and links to technical models from Keith Trenams session.

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Additional information has also been produced for individuals working with young people; this can be found in our Safeguarding section.

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Coaches Code of Conduct Coaches Code of Conduct 0.16 28/11/2013

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