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On this page we provide you with all the relevant links and some information to help you get started on your coaching journey. There is various formal education pathways for teachers activators and coaches as well as a wealth of workshops and resources that are available for you to access. Volleyball England also offer a fantastic membership package for coaches, have a look at our offer below.

Coaching Resour

Get Into Coaching

There are a number of ways to get started in coaching volleyball through our formal coach education structure. We have developed courses and resources that are suited to your needs and can be found below:

  • Workshops for Teachers - These workshops will take you through the building blocks of introducing volleyball to school children and provide you with a resource to structure your sessions.
  • Activator Courses - The student and Go Spike activator awards have been designed to educate the learner to organise participation sessions, run fun games, tournaments and also learn to market sessions to new participants.
  • UKCC Level 1 Award - This is the first step on our formal coaching ladder and will equip you with knowledge to get started in delivering/assisting in coaching sessions.
  • Sitting Volleyball Workshop - This workshop has been develop to give you the basic knowledge of sitting volleyball and allow you to set up fun sessions for for your participants.
  • Beach Volleyball Coaching Clinic - Want to transfer your knowledge of indoor volleyball to the sand and learn all the basic skills, techniques and tactics then this is a course for you.


Funding Opportunities for Coaches

The Coaching Funding Guide provides details about funding available to you in your area. There are various pockets of money to support the financing of Level 1 and Level 2 qualifications, so make sure you have a look at whats available in your region!

To download the document, click on the map on the right.

Coaching Workshops

As all coaches know Continuous Professional Development (CPD), and lifelong learning is key if a coach is to become the best they can be in the environment they are working within. It is important for a coach to identify what their personal development needs are and then to follow up with CPD that is specific to this and to keep up to date with the modern trends. With this in mind we have put together some ideas of workshops on offer to you:

  • Sports Coach UK workshops - There is a comprehensive range of workshops available on offer to all coaches to access through Sports Coach UK. Examples include: Mentoring, Safeguarding...
  • First Aid Courses - There are numerous providers of differing levels of First Aid courses. You may find the basic sports offered by St Johns Ambulance here a good starting point
  • Courses from your local County Sports Partnership (CSP) - there are a number of courses run locally which can be accessed through your CSP. Click on this link to search for your CSP and find out more.


Coach Membership

Volleyball England offers a membership package for all coaches that provides fantastic benefits including; public liability insurance, access to the annual coaching conference, free DBS checks, access to CPD workshops, subscription to our coaches newsletter and much more!

Please find the full list of benefits on our membership page and renew now!


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