HEVO Transitions

Eve Thompson

What is HEVO transitions?

With the continued focus on the Core Market, the next step for the HEVO programme is to transition the HEVOs into the volleyball community.  The 2018-19 programme  introduced a fund and training programme for leaving HEVOs to establish new volleyball activity in the community.

The design of the programme has been underpinned by research on the 400 leaving HEVOs from the last seven years.  The study found that 90% of HEVOs are still involved as players, 47% are still active as coaches and 30% volunteer in volleyball.   Leaving university into a new setting is a hard transition for students.  Despite having the desire to set up a club, many external factors can affect their time and confidence to do so.  Therefore, the role of Volleyball England and other local partners is to break down barriers and provide the support necessary to make it happen.

Funding Available

The programme offers financial support to HEVOs attempting to establish a new community club.  The funding is broken down as follows:

Start-up Phase (up to £600)

 This is the pilot phase of establishing a club typically lasting 6-8 weeks 


The following elements need to be in place to activate the grant

  • Development Plan
  • Venue – time and dates secured
  • Club Name / identity
  • Interest from players / social media
  • Bank account created
  • Coach (could be you)
  • 1 other individual to help with the organisation

Start-up costs to cover

  • Venue Hire
  • Balls
  • Marketing
  • Specific essential costs


Follow up Phase (up to £1,000)

After a successful pilot phase, the next step is to support the HEVO to build on the foundations 


The following elements need to be in place to activate the grant

  • Development Plan refined
  • Documentation – constitution etc.
  • Designated roles – chair, treasurer, secretary, CWO
  • Evidence of activity – social media / registers

Follow up costs

  • Coaching course
  • Referee course
  • Affiliation
  • League / competition entry
  • Other development plan identified costs

For more information please contact

Vicki Carr

Strategic Manager (Get Keep Grow)


01509 974 684.

Read about Eve Thompson's HEVO journey (below)

https://media.volleyballengland.org/docs/Eve Thompson - Washington Wolves.pdf

HEVO Alumni part of the transitions programme

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